Regular followers of Get Ahead’s updates may have noticed that we’ve been diversifying our content recently. The team has collaborated to write and design two e-books, while our founder, Rebecca Newenham, has written her own book on franchising and flexibility, called Virtually Yours.

We’ve created the books not only because we have information to share, but also to showcase the skills and experience of our copywriters and graphic designers. We’ve noticed that e-book experience is in increasing demand, as more clients decide to make their knowledge available to their own business family.


In March 2020, the world turned upside down. Britain went into lockdown for the first time, many people became home workers, and parents became homework supervisors.  We clapped for the NHS on Thursday nights and “hero” became a buzzword.  Some businesses were ready; others were not. Across the business world, we all reached out to each other with moral support and a lot of forgiveness. But nearly a year later, what signals should businesses give? Is Corona Kindness still relevant content for blogs and social media? Or is it time to embrace the new normal?

Let’s take a closer look.


A little while ago, we were invited to a celebration lunch with one of our clients. During the lunch, the company’s marketing manager told us she had been approached by the Sunday Telegraph who wanted to do a piece about them. The marketing manager was delighted that the VAs had created such a wealth of blogs and factsheets for her to draw on – all she had to do was copy and paste the right paragraphs and send them off to the journalist. We were delighted too – it’s this kind of repurposing that makes content marketing great value for money, as well as empowering our clients to take their own action.

Even if you haven’t been approached by a Sunday paper (!) it’s still a great idea to repurpose your blogs, factsheets, ebooks and social media posts.

Here are some of our favourite ideas: