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  • You love client delivery but don’t want to spend time finding your next client
  • You love working on your own, but it would be great to be part of a virtual team
  • You want to continue to learn and grow as a virtual expert

If any of these sound familiar to you, then you’re in the right place.

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Find out how franchising could be the secret to a great flexible career…

Learn what a franchise is, what a franchise owner does, the pros and cons of owning a franchise and why it could be an excellent option for you in the next stage of your career. We’ll discover what holds people back from owning a franchise, how you can make your franchise a success and the support available to you when launching and scaling your own franchise.

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Virtually Yours by Rebecca Newenham

Virtually Yours

by Rebecca Newenham

Your path to a flexible future by running your own virtual assistant agency.

Are you finding juggling family and a career really hard work? Perhaps you struggle to know what you actually want to do?Do you feel as if you’re doing everything in a rush and are dissatisfied because of it? Getting the right balance and working in a job that ticks all the boxes can feel out of reach, but Virtually Yours will reassure you that it’s possible to find a job that gives you the flexibility you crave and stretches you mentally too!

This is your ultimate guide to finding and recognising your purpose.


It was about 6 months since I had started my business. I wanted to grow my client base but wasn’t sure how. I kept thinking that I didn’t need
a full-time assistant. I just wanted someone that I could give work to as and when needed. I found Get Ahead VA on Google and their flexible
approach seemed like the perfect solution.

Christina Collins
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