Continuity, reassurance and value for money – why savvy business owners repurpose their content

A little while ago, we were invited to a celebration lunch with one of our clients. During the lunch, the company’s marketing manager told us she had been approached by the Sunday Telegraph who wanted to do a piece about them. The marketing manager was delighted that the VAs had created such a wealth of blogs and factsheets for her to draw on – all she had to do was copy and paste the right paragraphs and send them off to the journalist. We were delighted too – it’s this kind of repurposing that makes content marketing great value for money, as well as empowering our clients to take their own action.

Even if you haven’t been approached by a Sunday paper (!) it’s still a great idea to repurpose your blogs, factsheets, ebooks and social media posts.

Here are some of our favourite ideas:

Re-share old blogs

Your business blog should be a mix of reactive content, reacting to a business trend or a news item, say; and evergreen content, which will always be current. You can dig out an evergreen blog from a couple of years ago and share the link on social media again, perhaps choosing a relevant topic to the current climate. For example, if you blogged about business continuity planning in 2017, your business and your readers would both benefit if you shared the blog again during a national crisis like coronavirus.  

Create blogs from social media posts

If you’ve ever had a LinkedIn  or Facebook post that’s gained loads of interactions, consider turning the whole conversation into a blog, ebook or factsheet. It’ll be quicker than starting from scratch, and it’ll be more engaging for having real people’s ideas in it. You can also benefit from the fact that people love to read about themselves (!) – when it’s time to share the new piece, tag those who contributed and invite them to interact again. 

Create social media posts from blogs

A single sentence from a blog can make a great social media post – include the link to the blog so readers can explore further. Developing a shareable infographic from the key points is another great blog-to-social-media idea. A listicle (list-article) reduced to its basic bullet points makes informative, easy-read content for LinkedIn or Facebook.

Create a newsletter

Pull together a collection of blogs in one newsletter. If you’ve got a good range of evergreen content to draw upon, all you have to write is an overview then copy and paste links to your blogs. For example, you might direct people on your mailing list to read your finance blogs as they get their books in order for the end of the financial year, then include a list of links.

But I don’t have time!

Yes, you do! As the saying goes, when fishermen can’t go to sea, they mend their nets. Repurposing content is something you can be getting on with during quiet times. Thanks to the wonders of scheduling, you can create content well in advance, then arrange for it to be published at regular intervals (no one need ever know you’re experiencing a lull!).

Marketing during a national crisis

We’re seeing many businesses using the quiet time offered by the coronavirus lockdown to bring their marketing up to date. In fact, during crises like this one, it’s more important than ever to keep sharing your messages, providing continuity and reassurance for clients, customers and peers. It’s great to see businesses updating their content in response to the crisis, sharing expertise by video and maintaining visibility. Don’t forget to review your blogs and social media – if you’ve got a “why not visit your local museum?” tweet scheduled, for goodness’ sake change it before it goes live!

Repurposing content is a great way to save money and ensure marketing continuity. Embrace it! Meanwhile, the marketing VAs at GetAhead are experts in blogging, social media and content creation, as well providing strategy and support during both fair and stormy weather. Contact us on 01483 332220 to find out how we can help.

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