According to the age-old saying, business is all about who you know, and it’s true that building good relationships with other professionals is a fantastic way to grow your business and ensure its longevity. That’s why, in the spirit of the UN’s International Day of Friendship on 30th July, we’re looking at how to build lasting business relationships.

There are all sorts of business relationships – colleagues, employer–employee, business to business, business to client – but whichever ones you’re interested in nurturing, these tips should work for them all. Here are 4 ways you can build strong and productive business relationships.


When asked to list what a virtual assistant does, many people stick to everyday administration tasks such as managing databases, replying to emails and answering telephones. Yes, virtual assistants do all of these things, but we offer many other services too – and some of them might surprise you.

Want to learn more? Here are 5 things you (probably) didn’t know a virtual assistant can do.


At Get Ahead VA, we’re always on the lookout for exciting tools that can make running a business just a little bit easier – that’s why, earlier this year, we blogged about some of our favourite apps for business.

Today we’re taking a closer look at one of those apps, Grammarly. We’ll show you how it can help with your spelling and grammar across multiple platforms, and why our VAs love it!


Email marketing: it’s a crucial part of business, but it can also be one of the hardest things to get right. That’s because inboxes fill up quickly and online attention spans are short. If you want to be welcome in your customers’ inboxes, you’re going to need to stand out from the crowd.

Let’s take a look at some of the stats. The average email user receives 88 emails per day, and marketing messages, newsletters and spam account for almost half of these. Only 30% of all emails received will be opened, and just 3.2% of marketing emails will get a click-through to the sender’s website.

Those are tough odds to go up against, so how do you make sure your emails get noticed? Look no further – here are 5 tips for creating marketing emails your customers will read. (more…)

LinkedIn might have been around for a while, but stats published earlier this year show that it is still hugely influential. There are around 500 million users on LinkedIn, 40% of whom use the site daily. Research by the Society for Human Resource Management discovered that, of the employers who use social networking sites for recruitment, more than 90% use LinkedIn.

Even so, it can be tricky to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date, and with so many other tasks demanding your attention it’s all too easy to let your profile languish, out of date and unloved. If this is how your profile is feeling, here are some things you can do to freshen it up, so you can keep making those valuable online connections.