Meet the VA: Melanie Mills

Here at Get Ahead VA our people are everything. Our ever growing team has a wide range of highly skilled professionals with different backgrounds, expertise and even different personalities to ensure that we can find exactly the right VA to match our customers’ requirements.

Here’s 60 seconds with our VA Melanie:

Name:  Melanie Mills

Area of expertise:  Most things Microsoft, proof reading

When & why did you join Get Ahead VA: I joined Get Ahead VA late in 2020 because I wanted to gain experience across a broader range of sectors and to further enhance my experience in the freelancing world!  It’s really great to be part of an established team which is so keen to share knowledge and information to the benefit of all. 

What did you do before you joined Get Ahead VA: I have worked in a variety of sectors in a senior PA/EA type role, including recruitment, insurance, affordable housing, construction, landscape architecture and higher education.

Career highlight to date: Being 1 of 10 selected out of 120 applicants to attend a recruitment selection day (my worst nightmare), and being offered the job at the end of it.  This really took me out of my comfort zone, but it felt good to come out on top.

Plans for the future: I’d really like to finish off our house extension / renovation project which started some years ago!  I would eventually like to work part time and to house a lot of animals … though I’m not sure the husband would concur!

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