Here at Get Ahead our people are everything. Our ever-growing team has a wide range of highly skilled professionals with different backgrounds, expertise and even different personalities to ensure that we can find exactly the right Expert to match our clients’ requirements.

Here’s 60 seconds with our expert Jessica

Name: Jessica

Area of expertise:  Social Media & Marketing

When & why did you join Get Ahead: 

The decision to join Get Ahead at the beginning of my freelance journey in November 2023 felt like a natural step for me. I was already familiar with the Get Ahead brand and had the opportunity to meet the owner, Rebecca Newham, through my role at the British Franchise Association. The high standards and welcoming presence of Get Ahead were immediately apparent, and I was eager to become part of their community of virtual experts.

What did you do before you joined Get Ahead: 

I had the pleasure of working as the Digital Officer for the British Franchise Association for the last 2 years. Before then, I gained my experience through the management of various short stay accommodation businesses in Liverpool and York. I worked from the ground up, getting to grips with all aspects of the businesses, from front of house, lending a helping hand in the housekeeping department, and my favourite part, marketing! 

Career highlight to date:

When I started working for the British Franchise Association, I told myself it would be amazing to incorporate billboards into a campaign, something the association had never done before. One of their biggest aims was to promote franchising to the UK public, and I knew that beyond the usual marketing and press efforts, billboards would be the perfect leap forward to achieving this goal. 18 months later we launched a fantastic digital Adshel billboard campaign throughout 3 main UK cities, reaching over half a million people. We collaborated with multiple franchise brands on this campaign, and it was a great feeling to see their photos and brands represented. I got up at 5am the day they went live just to take a selfie with them!

Plans for the future: 

My passion is without a doubt, supporting and being a cheerleader for small businesses. You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get from knowing your work has made a difference? That’s what I’m working towards. I’m not certain what that exactly looks like right now, but as long as I keep following that feeling, I know end up where I need to be.