Regional Director for Dorset, South Hants and Wiltshire (Wessex)

Here at Get Ahead VA, our people are everything. We’re dedicated to growing our business all over the country, so our customers can access a wide range of highly skilled professionals wherever they are.

Here’s 60 seconds with our Director for the Dorset, South Hants and Wiltshire (Wessex) region

Name: Lisa Middleton

Area(s) of expertise: My background is in B2B Marketing and PR and I’ve spent the past fifteen years working in the ever-evolving Fintech sector. I’ve been responsible for global brands with, most recently a focus on PR, content and campaign management.

When and why did you join Get Ahead VA? I stumbled across a webinar in early 2023 hosted by a group I follow about flexible working which featured Get Ahead’s, founder, Rebecca and it immediately struck a chord. It allows me to bring my marketing experience and love of project management together, all whilst working for myself in a flexible way along with the support of a great team.

What did you do before you joined Get Ahead VA? 

I’ve had a career where I’ve been lucky to work on many exciting campaigns, working in the marketing teams at EY, Computacenter and most recently in the world of Fintech and payments. It was a fast-paced sector that changed enormously over the time I was there and I loved the variety and the passion people had.

I was always working on a number of projects at any one time that brought together all elements of the business from product developers to sales teams. The wider community and partnerships for the sector brought another exciting dimension which meant I was always learning.

Career highlight to date: I’ve had countless highs and of course some lows on my journey so far (I’ve certainly learnt from a few mistakes) but the emergence of digital marketing about ten years ago brought a real shift to how I was able to work! Being able to formulate really targeted campaigns, measure the results, tweak and try and again was fascinating – and continues to be so. It has made me work with a more agile approach, be more resourceful and to creatively get the most out of campaigns for the least amount of investment.

Plans for the future: I’m looking forward to all of the interesting businesses and people that I’ll meet and help to achieve their growth goals. I’m here to manage any elements that they don’t have the capacity or teams to fulfil, whether that be a one-off task or a complex project, matching and bringing the best people together to ensure success.

If your business could benefit from Lisa’s help, or to find a regional office where you are, please get in touch on 077661 11963 or We pride ourselves on being the staff you don’t see, but the difference you do.