Here at Get Ahead our people are everything. Our ever-growing team has a wide range of highly skilled professionals with different backgroundsexpertise and even different personalities to ensure that we can find exactly the right Expert to match our clients’ requirements.

Here’s 60 seconds with our expert Helen

Name: Helen

Area of expertise:  
Account Management, Sales pipeline nurturing, CRM specialist, Organisation and Administration.

When & why did you join Get Ahead:
I joined Get Ahead VA in September 2022 following a career break. I love the flexibility that being a freelancer offers – I can work around the busy schedules of my children, while also being supported by the great Get Ahead VA team.

What did you do before you joined Get Ahead:
Prior to having children I worked as an Account Manager in a variety of different industries from fast paced and highly competitive IT Hardware and Software sales through to 4 years with a medical software company. It was with the latter that I took on various responsibilities and projects, such as streamlining their SOP processes; booking, managing, and attending conferences both sides of the Atlantic; assessment and implementation of a new CRM system (salesforce) and account management of top tier clients.

Since having children I have sought out part-time roles with more of a lead generation focus, supporting sales teams to grow and nurture their client base and building lead generation pipelines to feed their sales funnel.

Career highlight to date:
The buzz of turning around a business relationship.

When I was in IT sales, I worked with a client who just passed me the leftovers of her orders, the bits she was unable to source elsewhere, she had been let down so many times in the past that her trust in the business had gone. It took many months of nurturing, honesty if things hadn’t gone to plan and careful account management to win her business back.

The same goes for nurturing new business, when that “no” is more of a “not right now”, rather than a flat no, it’s all about listening, having a two-way conversation and understanding a person’s needs.

Plans for the future:
I love what I do, every day is different – I want to keep on learning and help as many clients as possible achieve their goals. Oh, and travel – on a personal note, I’d like to travel more with my family.