Starr is an exceptional editor and artistic director with a keen knowledge of PR, Branding and Design, Social Media and Online Content

  • What Inspires You: Stories of Courage, Brandenburg Concertos and the artwork of Geoffrey Johnson.
  • Best Thing about working at Get Ahead VA: Flexibility, variety and opportunity for creativity.


Starr’s Bio:

Starr began her career life as a concert pianist. After graduating from The University of Alaska, she went on to open and run a music school for several years before moving to the UK.

She has since been at the helm of several start-ups, including a publishing company where she was editor-in-chief of The Mother magazine for three years. Her writing has been published and highly reviewed as "like a painting, rich and evocative".

Starr understands business and the amount of effort, creativity and courage that goes into making one work. She is an exceptional editor and artistic director. She has keen knowledge of Public Relations, Branding & Design, Social Media, and Online Content. She is widely networked and has a passion for working in a collaboration, helping projects and ideas grow.


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