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Keep your Zoom conference running smoothly with our expert technical assistance

New challenges from a new way of working

Zoom is great piece of software for meetings, webinar, interviews and conferences. It allows us to hold meetings without leaving home, providing greater flexibility in the way we work. Zoom has capabilities that set it apart from the other video-meeting platforms, and we believe it’s here to stay.

You’re probably familiar with joining Zoom meetings and making an individual contribution – it’s quite straightforward and you only have yourself and your own internet connection to worry about.

But when you have an important meeting, webinar, conference or interview panel to facilitate, it’s very difficult to be both present on-screen and running the tech behind the scenes.

A flexible approach to Zoom meetings

Our VAs can provide as much or a little support as you require, before, during and after your meeting. You can even combine our specific Zoom services with the support you’d expect for any face-to-face business event, such as marketing, circulating invitations and background papers, and collating feedback.

Our flexible approach means we can work alone or in tandem with your in-house team.

A professional Zoom conferencing service

A member of our team can help in the background of your meeting or webinar, offering an “on call” service to ensure everything runs smoothly. From the setting-up stage through to downloading video recordings of your event, addressing issues via the chat facility to setting up breakout rooms, our VAs provide a wide range of Zoom expertise to help you get the best from video conferencing.

Ready for some help? Call us today or complete the enquiry form below to chat with us and see how our Virtual Assistants can help you grow your business.

Here are some of the ways our expert VAs can help you:

  • Set up Zoom meetings
  • Brand webinars and emails
  • Manage registration, including creating custom links to track how participants heard about your event
  • Create and run polls
  • Set up breakout rooms and manage them during the meeting
  • Manage the waiting room
  • Mute participants where needed
  • Respond to comments in the chat pane
  • Download and edit video recordings of your webinar
  • Export participants reports
  • Solve most technical hitches!
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"We ran a virtual workshop with over 35 participants over a one-week period. Jenny offered invaluable support behind the scenes, launching polls, admitting people from the meeting lobby, creating Zoom breakout rooms, editing and saving recordings and generally helping people who were struggling with connectivity. Her support meant that all of us on the facilitation team could focus on the participants’ learning. Thank you Jenny!"

Shannon Banks - MD at Be Leadership Ltd

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