What does poor time management mean for employers?

If you employ a team of people but your own time management isn’t great, it could spell trouble for your business. Fortunately, poor time management is possible to fix.

In this blog, we look at why poor time management is a problem and suggest a few solutions too.

Why does leaders’ poor time management affect your employees?

You might hold others back

Your team need you. They might need your approval or sign off on a project. They might need some crucial data so they can complete a report. They might just need the meeting to start on time because they have other work to do afterwards.

When employers don’t manage their own time well, they can end up holding the whole team back.

You could create a stressful environment

When the team leader leaves things to the last minute, or consistently works later, it creates a culture where a clock-watching dash to the finish is the norm. This is not healthy for anyone, and it’s unnecessarily stressful for employees.

You could reduce output and struggle with staff retention

A culture of poor time management can lead to low productivity, with tasks being left undone. It can also make the working environment negative where it should be positive, which can make it difficult to hold onto staff.

How can leaders improve their time management?

Fortunately, help is at hand. If you know you need to change the culture in your workplace, Get Ahead can help. Here are some ideas:

Book a time audit

Your local regional director can meet you to audit how much time you have and you use it. It might be that you have too much on your plate, or there might be other factors getting in the way, like over-promising or perfectionism.

The RD can help you get your time back under control, and suggest solutions to make your working day run more smoothly. Many of our busy clients have started their Get Ahead journey with basic diary management and gone on to use more of our services when they see the advantages for their businesses. (Find out more about this here!)

Outsource the weakest areas

If you have tasks on your list that you don’t enjoy, they probably take you longer than they would take one of our virtual experts. Our regional directors can help you identify what to outsource, freeing you up to play your part in the team and drive your business in the right direction.

And if you’re finding people management an unexpected chore, our HR outsourcing services can help.

Act now!

Wherever you are in the UK, we have a regional director ready to help you work more efficiently. Find your local Get Ahead contact here – they’re waiting for your call.  

Find out more about our services or call 01483 332 220 to discuss in more detail.