Client Focus: Taylor Clarke

Here at Get Ahead VA we are privileged to work with a wide variety of clients ranging from surgeons to software companies, photographers to physiotherapists and financial consultants to fashion designers.  All of our clients are motivated and driven, with clear plans for future growth.  They recognise the value of outsourcing, passing onto others tasks that either they lack skills in, or tasks that drain their valuable time.

Here’s 60 seconds with one of our clients Taylor Clarke, an organisation effectiveness and development consultancy who were looking to develop new clients, reposition their service portfolio and open up new markets for their services.

What situation was your business in when you came to Get Ahead VA?

The oil and gas sector had been a major source of business for us, but times were changing.  Development budgets were being squeezed as the price of oil dropped.  We needed to put more emphasis on developing other channels for our business to balance our risk and provide a strong basis for future growth.

What problems were you experiencing?

The problem was that we had never really had to focus significantly on business development before.  We had been in the lucky position that the vast majority of our work came from word of mouth referrals and repeat business.  We did not have a strategic business development manager or a marketer in the business, tending to share the responsibility across our management team.  There was no effective system in place to actively seek new clients and manage our pipeline.  There was an accountability, process and skill gap in our organisation and it needed to be addressed.

What might have happened if you hadn’t taken any action?

Our business growth would have been severely effected in the long term if we were not able to attract new clients quickly enough.  We needed a catalyst for change that would help us learn how to develop our business more effectively and systematically and hold us to account to make sure that we did.

How did Get Ahead VA help solve the problem for you?

Our Managing Director spoke with Kimba Cooper of Get Ahead VA and Kimba got started on diagnostic work straight away.  She took our brief and spoke with all of our consultants to distil the issues we were facing, working preferences and develop a strategic plan of action.  The first area she tackled was social media management – organising how we use Linkedin and Twitter.  She then went on to help us with copywriting – both for social media as well as our website, educating us in the world of content marketing.  She is now working with our consultants to bring a planned approach to the events that we run and make sure that each one is as effective as it can be, being promoted through social media.  She is enabling us to develop a model for generating marketing collateral and prospects that we can rollout across the business.

Why did you choose a VA and not a part time member of staff?

Affordability and flexibility were key for us.  We didn’t really know what sort of help we most needed and how long it would take – but we knew we needed help and Kimba was able to hit the ground running.  As an external consultant she has been able to drive us and hold us to account to deliver, which is what we needed.  An internal member of staff might not have been able to challenge us in the same way.

What has this meant to you and your business?

Working with Get Ahead VA has made a real difference.  We now have some momentum and energy for business development.  We are moving forwards in a positive way and are confident that it will pay off through increased sales in the longer term.

Get Ahead VA’s nationwide virtual assistance services enable small business owners and entrepreneurs to get back to what they do best – growing and running their businesses.  Our team of highly experienced virtual assistants in the UK love to take on the tasks you don’t have time to do, don’t have the skills to do, or simply don’t want to do.  If your business could benefit from our help please get in touch on 01483 332220 or email us at  We pride ourselves in being the staff you don’t see, but the difference you do.

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