Brexit raises questions – could outsourcing be the answer?

The past week has been one of the most uncertain in recent history.  The referendum was meant to answer the question of whether the UK should remain in the EU or leave it. 

Whilst this question may have been answered by the British public with a narrow Leave result, there have been more and more questions raised since about what happens next.

These questions affect every aspect of our society.  What is the Leave plan?  When will Article 50 be triggered?  Will we remain part of the single market?  Can we really control immigration or not?  What will happen to financial markets in the long term?  Are we really entering a period of recession as predicted or were the ‘scare mongers’ doing exactly that?

With the prospect of a Conservative party leadership contest and tense negotiations with the EU to come, none of these questions are likely to be answered soon.  Uncertainty can be the enemy of business, making banks less likely to lend and owners less likely to invest.  No one wants to make a decision they may regret.

But the answers to these questions may take years to unfold and in the meantime, your business could be thriving.  Outsourcing can be an excellent way to manage uncertainty such as this.  Outsourcing can enable you to grow your business flexibly – keeping your fixed costs as low as possible, yet still allowing you to move your business forwards.  This could be an email marketing campaign to grow your customer base.  It could be a PR programme to raise your profile.  It could be getting your expenses sorted, or your social media strategy up and running.  Outsourcing can allow you to respond quickly to both opportunities as well as challenges, without getting tied into long term contracts or the other responsibilities that go with taking on staff.  You can pay on a project or even hourly basis, so you know you are getting exactly what you want to pay for – nothing more and nothing less.

Our highly experienced team of VAs love to take on the tasks you don’t have time to do, don’t have the skills to do or simply don’t want to do.  Our services may be more affordable than you think and just the right next step for your business.

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