Why work with a Get Ahead Regional Director?

Why work with a Get Ahead Regional Director?

Get Ahead operates in ten locations around the country, each with its own regional director. The regional director is your central point of contact, connecting you with the right virtual assistants, managing their output and tailoring the package to meet your business needs.

This blog looks at the role of regional directors and their part in delivering the right support for your business.

Our expertise

All the regional directors have extensive corporate backgrounds with in-depth experience in key areas of HR, marketing, recruitment, operations and client servicing.  We have the industry knowledge, commercial acumen, best practice experience and hard skills to understand your business challenges and suggest the most suitable solutions.

Business Owners

As business owners ourselves, we also understand what’s really involved in running a business and the pressures, challenges and opportunities that can bring. 

Consultative approach

Regional directors can offer a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ and independent view of your business.  Whether the brief is to solve a problem, widen a bottleneck, meet a challenge or achieve a growth target, we can help you break it down into an action plan and provide an outsourcing solution.

You may be completely clear on what you want to outsource, but a lot of the time our clients know they need help but are not sure where to start. As consultants, we will work with you to understand what you are trying to achieve for your business and how we can help to reach your goals.

A trusted pair of hands

Once we have established what you want to achieve and the best solution to get there, we will carefully match you with an individual or a virtual team based on the skills you need and your working style. 

We become your Success Manager.  We will make sure you have what you need to achieve results and that every element is working together, through team and project management.

A central point of contact

You will receive one monthly invoice and one point of contact, but access to a wealth of skills and expertise you would struggle to find in one person.

An evolving relationship

Things change!  We understand that businesses are always evolving and therefore so do your needs and requirements.  We can adapt your virtual team to match this; pulling in additional resources or skill sets as your business needs change. Our agile approach saves you the time and money that would be associated with managing an in-house team.

An adaptable team

We pride ourselves on our customer service and appreciate any feedback during the working relationship.  We understand that personality is a huge element of working together, so if your needs change or for any reason things don’t work out, we can easily look at alternative options for you to save your time and energy with the ‘recruitment process.’

Our role as regional directors or success managers is to form that all-important layer between your virtual expert team and you – we ensure your expectations are understood and delivered, if not exceeded. To find out more about how our regional directors can support your business, get in touch today on 01483 332 220.

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