Our top 3 Social Media websites

Social media is an ever changing world.  Just like content marketing and SEO, regular algorithm changes and app developments mean that what you found highly effective one day can suddenly find you at the bottom of the pile the next.

Keeping up to date with all the changes is difficult if you are not a social media expert.  Most of us are busy doing our day jobs, constantly juggling to get as much done as possible.  We simply don’t have time to read up on everything.  However, there are a few websites and newsletters which can help you keep up to date with the constantly evolving social media industry. 

These are three of our team’s favourites:

  • Social Media Today is an online community packed with information on social media.  There are news pages dedicated to all the major social networks – Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest and Twitter, so you can drill in on one particular platform if you wish.  You can also read in depth White Papers as well as watch past Webinars on topics such as social listening and omni-channel marketing.  Signing up to their daily newsletter will allow the top social media news, insights, and lessons to hit your inbox daily, so that you don’t have to go searching for it.
  • Mashable is a ‘go to’ source for tech and digital culture content and has dedicated platforms for the UK, as well as Asia, Australia, France and India.  News is divided into What’s New, What’s Rising and What’s Hot and there is a mix of specific/how to articles such as how Facebook Live has doubled its video broadcast limit, to more lifestyle news on use of emojis.
  • Hubspot is in inbound marketing community which offers a range of CRM, marketing and sales software.  Its free marketing blog delivers a lot of useful social media content, including opinion pieces on the future of Facebook advertising and case studies such as brilliant Twitter cover photo examples.  It also features practical, actionable content on SEO and website marketing, such as NoFollow HTML metatags and Contact Us page examples.

Of course these are just a few of our highlights and there are many other sources of information out there. 

Do share any of your personal preferences and we can add them to the list.

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