Stationery essentials for every office

There’s no shortage of great tech out there that can help your business to run more smoothly – in fact, just a couple of weeks ago we showcased some of our VAs’ favourite apps for business. But this week is National Stationery Week, and even with so many wonderful tools available online, we’re still very fond of good old-fashioned stationery.

Of course, we’re not alone. A study by Epson UK discovered that 82% of new British businesses – including those started by ‘digital natives’, 18- to 24-year-olds – still favour physical tools such as whiteboards, pens and paper for their creative work.

Fortunately, stationery and tech don’t need to compete with each other; there’s enough room in our hearts, and our offices, for both. With that in mind, here are some stationery essentials we think belong in every office.


Many businesses use whiteboards as a quick and easy way to capture ideas. They’re extremely handy if everybody who needs to be involved is together in one room, as you can use a whiteboard to quickly make notes in a place where everyone can see them. Plus, the fact that the words are not permanent can mean people are freer and more creative with their ideas.

Pens and paper

While keyboards are very convenient for getting ideas down quickly, the fact that handwriting is slower can mean that you engage more deeply with what you’re writing, and even remember it better later on. Whether you’re taking notes in a meeting or figuring out a solution to a problem, writing in a notebook could mean that you work more effectively than you would on a computer.

Sticky notes

They’re a staple of so many offices, and for good reason. Sticky notes are eye-catching, they can be stuck to anything and moved around as needed, and they’re small enough that you have to condense your idea into its most important elements to write it down. They’re also a fantastic tool for collaboration – anybody can write on a sticky note and add it to a communal board, so everybody’s ideas are displayed in one place.


Sometimes even the most avidly paper-free offices have to deal with print-outs, and highlighters can make digesting long documents so much easier. Whether you want to make a piece of information stand out so you can find it later, or you want to colour code according to themes, highlighters can turn a paper document into something you can understand much more easily at a glance.

Desk storage

We all know the phrase ‘tidy desk, tidy mind’, and there’s a lot to be said for keeping your workspace in order. While some people thrive in clutter, for many of us something as simple as filing your papers and popping all your bits and pieces into a desk organiser can make you feel so much more ready to work. Plus, keeping your desk tidy means you’re far less likely to lose things, so investing in desk storage is a really simple way to work smarter!

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