Seven great ideas for email marketing

Email marketing is a great tool. If you’re on the Get Ahead mailing list, you’ll be used to receiving our monthly messages. But you might not know how much effort has gone into refining our emails over the years! We love our current structure, but we know it’s always good to be open to different ways of communicating.

In this blog, we share seven of our favourite ideas for email marketing.

  1. Videos

Whether you’ve recently recorded a great video, or you have one in your archives that is still current, you could be sharing it via email. If you have a visually appealing business, or video information has proved to be your strongest tool, inserting your video into an email newsletter can yield great results.

Best of all, you don’t have to record new content. There’s nothing to stop you repurposing an existing video, linking it to your main website to drive more traffic and improve your online presence.

  1. Blogs

Repurposing a blog as email content is a smart way to work. You’ve already got the blog – why not make a paragraph from it into an email and send it off? We like to create a compendium of recent blogs with an enticing sentence from each to encourage people to read more.

A 500-word blog can make for a very long email so remember to do some editing before you send it off. If you have an SEO-led title, it’s a good idea to change it to something more reader-friendly for your subject line too.

  1. Competitions

Holding an online competition is a great way to get more people to open your emails. You can tie it into a competition you’re running on social media, like naming a new product or producing the best video review.

  1. Discounts and freebies

Discounts, whether time-bound or accessed by a code, are always popular. Better still, they don’t just drive your open rate but are likely to increase conversions too. Even B2B businesses can offer discounts, like a one-off free service or a percentage off the next invoice.

  1. Tips and tricks

Of course, the reward for opening the email doesn’t have to be financial. Instead, you could offer a free tip or hack that makes opening the email worthwhile. Best of all, freely sharing information is a great way to build trust – your conversions may take longer but may well be worth more to your company when they finally come about.

  1. Tailored content

Something we love about email marketing is that we can tailor the content to suit the reader. Most email marketing platforms allow you to create mailing lists and choose who you send content to. This means that you can send more relevant content and reduce your unsubscribe rate. Someone is likely to unsubscribe if they keep receiving content that isn’t relevant. But when you only send them what they want to see, they’ll stay on your mailing list longer with an increased chance of conversion.

  1. Personalised content

Building on the idea of tailored content is personalised content. When it comes from a mailing list, it’s never completely personal, but email does give us opportunities for longer messages and sharing thoughts and feelings. This is a great way to write an email that sounds personal and makes the reader really feel you’re connecting with them – another way to strengthen relationships with customers, clients and peers.

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