Grow your business this Yorkshire Day

Thursday 1st August is Yorkshire Day – a day dedicated to celebrating the beautiful, vibrant and innovative county of Yorkshire – and Get Ahead VA is very proud to be part of this wonderful region. To celebrate this special day, we wanted to let you know how we can help your Yorkshire-based business to grow.

What is Yorkshire Day?

Yorkshire Day is an annual celebration of the county of Yorkshire, promoting the county’s  towns, beauty spots and top attractions through special promotions, festivals, art, culture, food and drink. This year the main celebrations will be held in Whitby, where representatives from across the county will come together to show off the best that Yorkshire has to offer.

Yorkshire and small business

Yorkshire Day also shines a spotlight on many local businesses, especially those in the hospitality, retail, food and entertainment industries. And, indeed, there are many small businesses to celebrate here. Statistics from 2018 show that Yorkshire boasts around 400,000 SMEs in total,* and Yorkshire and the Humber is ranked 7th out of 12 regions for the number of companies, providing around 6% of the total companies in the UK.There is lots of business development going on the region, as well as plenty of scope for further growth – and that’s where Get Ahead VA can help.

Get Ahead VA in Yorkshire

Get Ahead VA is a virtual assistant agency that offers business support services to businesses of any size and from any sector. We have offices around the country, run by Regional Directors with extensive local knowledge that makes them invaluable to the businesses they help. We’re proud to have an office in Yorkshire, based in Leeds, run by Regional Director Fiona Ibbetson.

One of the things that we pride ourselves on is helping our clients to grow, by allowing them to outsource the time-consuming but necessary jobs that can eat up time that could be better spent on developing and expanding their businesses. Through Get Ahead VA Leeds, Fiona supports numerous businesses across Leeds and Wakefield with her team of virtual assistants, who can help with everything from admin to accounting, social media management to web design.

If you’re based in Leeds and Wakefield, Fiona is your regional contact for Get Ahead VA. She’s always happy to discuss with you what support her team can offer to help make your business the best it can be. You can contact her on (01138) 800 862 or Happy Yorkshire Day!

* †

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