Eneco UK – a new website to reflect a growing brand


Eneco UK is a renewable energy company. They are well known in the Netherlands where they were founded, and where they are one of the biggest energy providers. In the UK, however, they were less well known and their work is focused on delivering clean energy to commercial customers.  


Nigel is Head of the UK Energy Trade team for Eneco and Ben is responsible for the customer supply business. Having secured some large UK clients, they were aware that their website had not kept pace with their growth. They also knew they needed to raise the profile of Eneco in the UK and gain more commercial customers to continue their expansion. Ben reached out to independent marketing manager Brooke to discuss creating a new website. Brooke is an active part of Get Ahead’s business family and she immediately approached us to ask us for support.

Eneco is a big brand in the Netherlands and its Dutch market is made up of both domestic and commercial customers. However, what it offers to the UK energy market is slightly different, so the target market and messages have to be slightly different as well.

An additional challenge was that the new website has to appeal to a diverse audience. In addition to working directly with businesses, Eneco UK also sells energy through third-party energy brokers. The website also aims to invite owners of renewable energy sources to sell through Eneco.

Get Ahead’s task was to create a website that was consistent with the Dutch brand while also reflecting the work of the UK team.


We created the website through strong team work and clearly defined responsibilities. Brooke had already done thorough market research and collated it into one UK-specific branding document. Our copywriter Charlotte used this document, along with input from Brooke, Nigel and Ben, to create informative, on-brand copy for the new website. The copy went through a two-stage approval process, with Brooke checking it first for messaging and tone of voice and Nigel and Ben checking it for accuracy. Our web designer Jennie conducted comprehensive keyword research, focusing on intent, and then worked closely with Charlotte to integrate these insights into a layout that strengthened the written messages.

Because the domain, brand and visuals are owned by Eneco’s Dutch head office, Jennie coordinated with their branding team to ensure consistency. She sourced and created on-brand images that aligned with the company’s visual identity and utilised their media library for additional visual content. Jennie worked closely with the Dutch web build team to complete the website within four days, efficiently managing the additional step of gaining approval from Eneco’s Dutch head office. She ensured that brand consistency was maintained while delivering an expertly designed website.


Eneco now has a website that showcases its strength in the UK market and clearly communicates its point of difference. Together, we had created a useful tool for Eneco’s prospective UK customers, where they can find out about the company and start (or continue!) their journey towards using renewable energy. An on-brand website also enhances Eneco UK’s credibility – an important factor in expanding their customer base.

Nigel was impressed with the teamworking Get Ahead displayed. The Get Ahead team were delighted to have the opportunity to work for an international brand as part of a multi-organisation team.

What the client said:

“We are delighted with the new Eneco UK website. Get Ahead’s team of experts understood our brand and created a site to meet the needs of our UK business. Importantly, they also understood the need to work closely with our Dutch counterparts, which they did seamlessly. We were impressed by the level of expertise displayed by each member of the team. The new site is a big step forward from where we were previously and really does justice to the competitive strengths of the Eneco UK offering.”

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