How to build a beautiful company Instagram

Instagram is an ideal social media platform for many businesses, especially if you have a strong visual brand or physical products to promote, and it has the potential to bring you lots of interest and a substantial following. So how can you go about building a beautiful, recognisable profile? Here are 5 key things you should think when building your company Instagram account.

1. Photo quality

The key to a successful Instagram is high-quality photos. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to invest in an expensive camera or photography equipment – a decent phone camera will do the job, but make sure you spend time staging your pictures (remove clutter from the background), lighting them properly (preferably with natural light) and avoiding wonkiness and blurriness.

2. Grid layout

The grid is the overall view of your Instagram page that a customer will see when they visit your profile, and you can choose a layout for this that will mean your photos look coordinated when they’re all viewed together. The typical layout is squares, where the images are tied together by a common colour scheme or filter, but you can also create diagonal lines, rows or chequerboard patterns. Check out this article for examples.

3. Theme

The theme you choose for your photos will bring all your pictures together and help your brand to stand out in your followers’ feeds. Your theme should reflect your brand, so consider what style you’re looking for – e.g. black and white, bright colours, vintage, modern, minimal, lavish. You could also think about iconic objects/subjects that represent your brand, such as books, trees, coffee, umbrellas – the possibilities are endless!

4. Colour palette

Having a colour palette will help you to build a coherent and recognisable Instagram brand. Choose a few complementary colours that represent your business, and stick to variations of these for all the photos you post. If you already have a business Instagram, check out the colorkuler website to see what palette you’re currently using (intentionally or not!), so you can more consciously colour coordinate your pictures from now on.

5. Filter

One of the simplest ways to create a beautiful Instagram profile is to use the same filter for all your photos. This could be one of Instagram’s pre-set filters, or you can use programs such as Canva, Snapseed or Preview to find more filters, or to create your own.

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