Five spring cleaning jobs for small businesses

There’s nothing quite like a good clear out. When we’ve tidied our files and done some general business housekeeping, we all feel better and work more efficiently. We can easily find what we need – every computer file is in the right folder and all the pens in the pen pot work!

Spring cleaning is easier if we break it down into manageable chunks. Here are five separate areas to approach when we’re spring cleaning our businesses:

  1. Desk

We may groan when we remember teachers say, “tidy desks show tidy minds.” Unfortunately, they were right. Seeing a clear space helps us feel clear-headed too, and able to take on whatever challenges the day holds. It’s also safer and more comfortable to use a laptop that’s on a truly flat surface, with enough room to type comfortably.  

A lot of clutter can build up on desks, but there are some great solutions. Get rid of what you don’t need (does anyone use paperclips anymore?!), and invest in storage that works for you. Throw out any pens that don’t work. If business cards avalanche out of your note book every time you open it, invest in a business card scanner app to record them digitally.

If you have room, put up something beautiful or inspirational in your workspace to keep you motivated.

  1. Files

How do computer files get in such a mess?! Often, we save a picture, spreadsheet or document to the wrong folder because the right folder doesn’t exist. Or we dump it somewhere with a vague plan to find the right place for it later. Both result in files all over the place – oh dear. Fortunately, dedicating time to tidying your files is always a worthwhile enterprise. The time you spend tidying will always be paid back with more efficient, less stressful working afterwards.

  1. Finances

Spring cleaning can be forced upon our finances because of the end of the financial year. However, this pressure can lead to a rushed job and more muddle. Instead, learn from your mistakes and create homes for everything you struggled to find this year-end. Block off time in your diary to reconcile invoices and complete other regular jobs – it’ll save repeating the same stress again next year.

  1. Social media

Do you have accounts on lots of platforms but are only active on one or two? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. However, an abandoned social media account can look very unprofessional – dedicate time to removing obsolete accounts.

It’s also worth taking a close look at those you do use. Are the profile pictures and bios up to date? Look at your online profiles and compare them with your business goals. Could you update anything to drive your business in the right direction? If you’re hoping to gain more customers, for example, check that you’re using social media to steer followers towards your online shop. If you’re hoping to break into a new market, make sure that new market is reflected in your business’ description.

  1. Website

Some businesses have websites that just sit there and are rarely updated. Use your spring clean to focus on your website and bring it up to date. Check your services – do you still offer everything your website says you do? Is your messaging consistent, or has all your text been added at different times with different intentions?

Get Ahead is here to help!

If your spring cleaning has revealed room for improvement, our virtual experts are here to help. Across our fifty-strong team, we have plenty of people with the right skills to tidy your paperwork and computer files. Our accountancy whizzes can help you get everything in order, both for day to day working and to be ready for year end. And our marketing experts can help you manage your social media and website to create the right impression online.

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