Supporting web designers with maintenance and updates

Regional Director at Get Ahead

With maintenance and updates


A web design agency based in Leicestershire joined Get Ahead’s business family when they met East Midlands regional director Emma Barratt at a networking event.


The business owners love creating websites. It’s their passion and their forte and they’ve built their business around it. However, over the years some of their clients have asked for additional services that the agency didn’t have the capacity to deliver. These additional services included web maintenance, uploading content and social media management. In some cases, projects were held up because clients needed support to create and compile content. However, the business’s priorities are web design and building their portfolio.

This created a problem. The additional requests left the web designers with the choice between taking their business off in a direction they didn’t want, or refusing to help and lowering their standards of client care. As neither of these options align with their ethos, they needed a fresh approach.


They asked Emma for help. Emma suggested that the clients worked with some of Get Ahead’s team, who would update web content and make minor changes to keep websites current and projects moving forward.

Now Get Ahead supports the web design agency on a variety of individual web projects, providing a service tailored to the client’s needs. Our virtual experts provide web maintenance, updates, corrections and more, releasing the business owners to concentrate on web design.


A number of successes have emerged from this working relationship.

A fantastic example of how Get Ahead has supported this web agency is a local football club website. The volunteer-run club didn’t have the time or expertise to deliver regular web updates, including fixture lists and team news. Get Ahead’s web expert Carrie stepped in to fulfil this role, keeping the club’s website current while also freeing up the web designers to focus on their core offering.

The football club is delighted with the outcome. The club work directly with Carrie, which keeps communication simple. As a small club, it’s important that work is delivered within budget and is easy to keep track of. Fortunately, as a dedicated outsourcing agency, it’s easy for Get Ahead to support the club in the right way at the right price.

It’s a success for the web agency too. Get Ahead’s proven track record means that they can introduce our services with confidence, knowing they’re providing an excellent standard of client care. Having Carrie and other virtual experts providing remote support also helps keep projects on track.

Above all, the agency has achieved what was previously impossible: by referring their clients to Get Ahead, they’ve met their clients’ needs without compromising on their own business direction.

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