Rowena Prescot – marketing homeopathy to a specific audience

Rowena Prescot – marketing homeopathy to a specific audience

Rowena Prescot is an established Harley Street homeopath. She approached Get Ahead at the end of 2022, seeking marketing support. She had already invested in her brand – her website, logo, graphics and tone of voice were all excellent and fit for purpose. However, she had reached the point where it was time to leverage the quality of her brand, enhance it further and grow her business. She was ready to invest in customer segmentation, content marketing and social media. 


Rowena had been outsourcing her marketing offshore. Unfortunately, while it offered a budget solution, it wasn’t delivering the results she had hoped for. The offshore marketing team didn’t appreciate the significance of a Harley Street address for a natural health business, nor were they able to relate to her specific target market. 

An additional challenge is that Rowena’s work means she spends most of her working hours with clients for consultation and treatments. This means that she needs to work with marketing experts who are self-motivated and have plenty of initiative. Trust is essential – Rowena needs to feel confident that her marketing support is delivering the work she needs to the right audience. 


We matched Rowena with our marketing expert Gloria. Gloria’s skills complement Rowena’s well – in addition to being a social media expert, Gloria also works as a life coach. This gives her a deeper understanding of the nurturing side of Rowena’s work as a homeopath. 

Gloria now delivers a range of content marketing support, including social media management, creation of Instagram reels, post scheduling and hashtag research. Above all, Gloria has focused on Rowena’s target market, building online relationships with the specific group of people who would most benefit from Rowena’s homeopathy. 

Gloria is also providing blog support. Rowena writes her blogs herself – as the person at the centre of her brand, it’s vital to maintain an authentic voice. However, she does find it helpful to be able to delegate proof-reading, formatting and uploading to Gloria, who’ll also take a fresh look at her work. We love supporting business owners to leverage their natural talent – this is a great example of how a little input from us can enhance a client’s own work. 

Similarly, Gloria has also encouraged Rowena to make videos. Sharing her real self and talking to camera is a great way to engage with future clients, especially as trust between homeopath and client is essential. 

The Get Ahead team felt that Rowena would benefit from some paid online advertising too. As this is outside Gloria’s area of expertise, we brought in a second virtual expert, Anneka. Anneka delivered a one-off project for Rowena, creating a dedicated campaign which is now up and running. 


Even though we have only been supporting Rowena for six months, she’s already seeing her social media presence grow. Both Rowena and the Get Ahead team are delighted with the working relationship we have established and look forward to deepening it in future. Rowena is thrilled to have found the right outsourcing partner and we can’t wait to help her take her business even further.

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