Moira Fuller

Moira Fuller

Here at Get Ahead VA, we are privileged to work with a wide variety of clients who recognise the value of outsourcing the tasks that either they lack skills for or that take up their valuable time. Here’s 60 seconds with one of our clients, Moira Fuller, Productivity & Strategy Coach for small businesses and founder of the craft subscription box Craftiosity.

What did you need help with when you came to Get Ahead VA?

I was juggling two businesses and wanted to focus more time on supporting small business entrepreneurs by outsourcing much of the admin of my subscription box business. A friend recommended Fiona from Get Ahead VA to me, and after a quick chat, we decided to trial working together. We haven’t looked back since!

How did Get Ahead VA help solve the problem for you?

I was matched up with Hazel, who’s been an excellent support and has taken on more as the months have gone by. She manages our customer service emails and the orders database (no small feat!) and liaises with our fulfilment centre. I really appreciate that Get Ahead are also able to provide cover when Hazel’s on holiday, so the support is year round.

What has this meant for you and your business?

I’m a big fan of working in your ‘genius zone’ – the area where your passions and skills align – and outsourcing as much of the rest as possible, and from the location you choose! I was intentional about building a business that would give me location freedom, that didn’t require premises with in-office staff.

Working consistently with an excellent VA has meant I can trust that this part of the business is in safe hands, and this allows me to focus on my business growth. The investment in support has easily paid off, both financially and in making my work more enjoyable, allowing me to focus on the strategy and business support I excel at.

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