Supporting a local business for their next expo


Arcivate offers Automated Invoice Processing Software to help their customers automate supplier invoicing. They received a government grant to attend a business expo, so they were keen to use it well. To get the best value, they wanted to be thorough in their approach to the expo, maybe even finding solutions that could be re-used in future years. They spoke to Jo McGowan of Get Ahead Guildford to organise the design and production of their stand and artwork.


The business knew it needed artwork for the stand at their next expo. Without an informative, eye-catching stand, the business risked missing opportunities and not making the most of the exhibitions. But as with many Get Ahead projects, a detailed conversation with one of our regional directors highlighted additional needs the business had around content and marketing messaging.

The business wanted to ensure that the messaging on their exhibition stand, and on their website and social media communications, was communicating the same benefits and problems solved. They wanted to ensure that people meeting them at the expo would receive the same message on all other channels and anyone looking them up after the expo would experience a consistency of values across the board.


Designing the stand was relatively straightforward. The business already had a logo and style guide; it was easy for our graphic designers to combine it with information given in person by the business owner to create an eye-catching stand.

Jo McGowan has her own directory of contractors who can help deliver Get Ahead’s work. On this occasion, she was able to recommend a printer who would transform the designs from digital files into upright banners. Reassuringly, the printer she suggested was the same one the client was already considering – Jo naming him too was all the encouragement the client needed.

The Get Ahead marketing experts also worked hard to develop some great content for the business. By building up a strong foundation of blogs and case studies, the business clarified its messages and learned to describe their offering in a way that was clear and meaningful to clients and prospects.

All these solutions were easy to implement. Jo and her team were delighted by how open the client was to suggestions – it made the process easier by turning outsourced support into a genuine partnership.


The business is looking forward to the upcoming exhibition, and the team feel confident that they’ll be able to show potential leads a clear direction. They’ve also built up a strong bank of online content – very useful for the upcoming expo, but also for future social media posts, presentations, newsletters and other marketing opportunities.

“You are always cautious when entering into a new arrangement as to what will be provided, but we have been very pleasantly surprised at just how easy it has been to liaise with Joanne and her team and the great early results they have provided”

Andrew Coyle, Arcivate

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