Virtual experts – higher quality work for small businesses

At Get Ahead, we spend a lot of time talking about how much time and money our clients save by outsourcing. But the other important benefit of outsourcing is quality. When you outsource to an expert, the work produced is outstanding – just what your business deserves. In this blog, we look at why outsourced work can be of a higher quality than what you can produce yourself – definitely something to bear in mind when you’re planning further steps for your business.

Aim high

When you first started your business, you might have built a basic website and set up your own Facebook page. But as your business grows, the time will come when your homemade website just isn’t good enough. And when did you last post on social media?

Your business deserves smooth-running systems, eye-catching graphics and considered marketing to reach the right audiences. A great way to achieve this is to outsource to a virtual expert.

Be inspired

An expert can open up a world of possibilities and show you how good your business can be. Maybe you’ve been muddling along with a basic spreadsheet, but once you see how an expert would manage your customer relations or social media, you might feel inspired to raise your standards. Who knows – now you’ve got your new CRM system in place, you might start to see other areas for improvement, like setting smart goals or automating your invoice system. Continually re-evaluating and finding ways to work smarter will help you improve what you do, ultimately growing your business.

Choose a specialist

Specialists are experts in their field. If, for example, we do our own social media, we find ourselves trying to create Instagram posts alongside delivering great customer service, managing our outgoings and booking the window cleaner. We can’t give our social media 100% of our attention, and that’s why the results aren’t 100% either.

But when we outsource, we pass the job on to someone who spends their whole day as a social media manager. Social media is second nature to this kind of expert. This means they can create quality posts, act on feedback from you and upload the final versions, as quickly and professionally as you need them to.

At Get Ahead, we’ve seen how tapping into specific expertise has really helped the business. Kate creates incredible designs for external clients, but she also produces our brilliant monthly infographics. Lots of businesses outsource their Zoom support to Elly, but she also keeps Get Ahead’s webinars and online events running smoothly. Our social media experts have supported our brand across Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Our web developers help us to move with the times, adjusting the website in line with evolving business priorities.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something, as the saying goes. Outsourcing to a virtual expert allows you to harness their specialism for your business. We’ve seen great results from this approach and we hope you do too.

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