Why size really does matter for PR images

Journalists are busy people, bombarded with story ideas and press releases every day.  For your news story to stand out and get noticed it needs to get many things right – be relevant, specific, interesting enough, with a catchy headline etc.  It also needs to have the right images.  Not having the right images can make or break that once in a lifetime opportunity to get your brand featured across the local, national or even international news.

Whether you are contacting journalists yourself or outsourcing it to other PR professionals, having the right images is vital.  You need to be prepared for all types of media, with images that are small enough for website and email use – and large enough for print.  Just as you tailor your approach to each media outlet with your covering email and press release, you also need to tailor the images you send – low resolution for an online only publication but high resolution for print media.

You should be mindful of clogging up inboxes by sending too many, too high resolution images, especially with so many people accessing their email from their mobile phones.  Always check your images before you send them to ensure they are a suitable size and appropriately labelled.

For print, we recommend sending 1 key image which is 1-2MB and offering to send more images or even higher resolution if needed.  That way you ensure you get the most important picture across to sell your story, in the most suitable format, but offer flexibility as well.

If you are still unsure about where to start with promoting your business through PR then our team of highly experienced VAs are here to help.

Our PR Nicola and Joanna can complete any PR task from writing a single press release to managing an entire PR campaign, contacting and working with journalists on your behalf to generate coverage for your business.  Our Design VA Kate can assist with creating the right images, at the right size, to ensure you are able to capitalise on PR opportunities and get your brand noticed.

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