Opening a franchise: a new opportunity for 2021

Opening a franchise: a new opportunity for 2021

Get Ahead is proud to operate as a franchise, meaning that we have branches around the country, each run by an independent, entrepreneurial Regional Director, all under the umbrella of the Get Ahead brand. 

If you’re considering trying something new in 2021, perhaps the Get Ahead franchise opportunity will be right for you – it gives you flexibility and control over your working life, and the satisfaction of providing administrative and marketing support to businesses in your local area. In fact, there are several key reasons why next year could be the perfect time to get started! 

A new beginning 

Most of us have gone through major disruption in our lives this year, and this has of course affected our working lives too. If you’re looking for a new opportunity – perhaps because you are currently without work, or because your current role has changed in ways that no longer appeal to you – then starting a new venture could be just what you need. Becoming a Get Ahead franchisee gives you the chance to open your own business, with the support of an established brand. 

Continue to work from home  

Many of us have had to work from home for the first time in 2020, and this has given us a chance to see if we like it enough to do it long-term. Perhaps you’ve discovered that working from home, with all the flexibility it can bring, is something you really enjoy. If so, becoming a Get Ahead franchisee is certainly work-from-home friendly – all our franchisees have home offices and love having the freedom to manage their own time. 

Increased demand 

In 2021, thanks to the development of vaccines and (hopefully) a gradual return to normality, businesses may well start to grow again, after battening down the hatches to get through the worst of the pandemic. This means they will probably need plenty of support from virtual assistants, as they look to expand their offerings without hiring full-time staff. Your new Get Ahead franchise can give support to these growing businesses, just when they need it. 

Fulfilling a dream 

The dramatic shake-up of 2020 has made many of us re-evaluate our lives and our jobs, and it hasn’t been unusual for people to return to long-held dreams and wonder whether, at last, it might be time to make them a reality. If you’ve always dreamed about running your own business, but you’re worried about starting from scratch, becoming a franchisee is a fantastic way to achieve this – you get all the benefits of being part of an existing brand, while still building something that is, ultimately, yours. 

Interested in becoming a Get Ahead franchisee in 2021? Check out our franchise website for more information, or contact us on (01483) 332 330 or email We can’t wait to talk to you about this exciting next step! 

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