Four ways to show support for your favourite businesses

The coronavirus pandemic has affected us all. The hospitality, service and arts industries have been hit particularly hard, but the reality is that all businesses have been affected in some way. For smaller businesses with less financial flexibility than big chains, the impact of COVID-19 has been enormous.  Looking ahead, this could spell the end for some smaller businesses, unless we do what we can to support them.

What does the closure of small business really mean? For consumers, it could be the end of our favourite chocolate brownie, baked to perfection at the café on the corner, or the closure of that hairdressers where you always got a great cut. It could mean the end of variety and vibrancy on our high streets.

The human level is even more serious. We don’t want to see our favourite barista unemployed, or know that our window cleaner’s business has gone under, particularly if we could have helped them stay afloat.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways we can support our favourite businesses. Here are four ideas to help you make a difference:

Many businesses are open – support them!

You may have been quaffing supermarket booze at home during lockdown, but now the pubs have reopened, show them your support. Even if you’re not comfortable dining out yet, you’d be surprised by how many businesses are offering takeaways.

Buy vouchers

Help businesses stay afloat by paying now and redeeming later. If your favourite café or hairdressers offer vouchers, buy one now to use at your leisure. And when you finally get there, you’ll remember why the business was always your favourite in the past!

Interact online

Follow the social media pages of your best-loved businesses and like and share as much as you can. Every time you interact on social media, the post is boosted to the top of its followers’ news feeds, and will even show up on your friends’ streams. All of this increases the pages’ visibility, attracting new customers now it’s time to reopen.

Embrace the reduced service

Many restaurants and cafes are now offering reduced menus. Make the most of what they’re offering and try and be understanding even if your favourite isn’t available. Social distancing means reduced guest numbers – remember to get organised and book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Businesses large and small have always relied on customer loyalty. COVID-19 has hit hard, but if we all support the businesses that matter to us, they will pull through. And the world’s best chocolate brownies will be yours once more.

Stay safe, everyone.

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Written by Regional Director, Marie Peters & Charlotte Buchanon.

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