10 reasons we love our virtual assistants

At the heart of Get Ahead VA is our brilliant team of virtual assistants (VAs). Based all over the country, they handle the jobs our clients send to us, and they bring their skills, experience and warmth to every project they work on. Get Ahead VA simply couldn’t exist without this hard-working team, and we’re delighted to have so many talented people working with us. 

As part of our 10th business birthday celebrations, we decided to spend some time celebrating our VAs. So without further ado, here are 10 reasons why we love our VAs, and why you will too. 

1. Friendly and approachable 

The job of a VA is to take on work as and when the clients need them, so a VA has to be able to fit easily into an existing team and work well with all sorts of people. All our VAs are friendly and approachable, and pride themselves on being a valuable asset to any team. 

2. Independent 

Our VAs are also very good at working independently – they can follow a brief and produce high-quality work without needing constant guidance. Most VAs have an entrepreneurial streak that has driven them to work for themselves, and this means they are highly adaptable and self-motivating.  

3. Flexible  

Because our VAs are hired on a project basis, they are very flexible – they can take on jobs that take a few hours or a few months, and they can take on last-minute or short-deadline work if required.  

4. Adaptable 

The work of a VA is very varied – they may be working on a social media marketing campaign one day and developing business strategy the next. As a result, our VAs are usually multi-skilled and able to easily adapt to new ideas and ways of working.  

5. Highly skilled 

Each of our VAs has their own specialisms, and they usually bring years of training and experience to each job they do. This means that our clients benefit from having a team of highly skilled professionals in a range of fields, right at their fingertips. 

6. Good at time management 

Many of our VAs chose this career because of its ability to fit around home life and other commitments, which means they are usually great at time management. VAs are used to handling multiple projects efficiently, without sacrificing the quality of their work. 

7. Productive 

Because our VAs are so good at time management, and they can focus on each project without many of the normal office distractions, they are also very productive. As the client, you only pay for the hours the VA has worked, saving you money in the long run. 

8. Strategic thinkers 

VAs can help with day-to-day jobs such as admin and telephone answering, but they can also work on higher-level strategy and planning. A VA working on these sorts of jobs can learn how a business works, fit into this dynamic and even help the business to grow. 

9. Online workers 

VAs are, by definition, virtual, which means they do most of their work online and can therefore work from anywhere. Of course, they all have dedicated home office spaces for the bulk of their work, but they can also work on the go, and they can work with clients who are travelling or who aren’t based geographically nearby. 

10. A great team 

One of the best things about our VAs is that together they make up the Get Ahead VA team. For our clients, this means there will always be someone around to talk to. For us, this means we can all stay in regular contact, ask each other questions, share problems and help each other out – which is an invaluable part of being in the Get Ahead VA family!  

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