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The Wow World Group provides classes for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. The business is an umbrella brand for a range of programmes including Baby Sensory, Toddler Sense, Mini Professors and Reading Fairy. The classes are delivered by franchisees up and down the UK.


Abi is the in-house marketing manager at the Wow World Group. She was becoming overstretched and thought it would be beneficial to outsource some of her workload. She was also aware that social media is both time consuming and essential, as it is an important way to connect with new consumers and potential franchisees.


Abi decided to outsource the social media to Get Ahead. Social media content expert Eleanor would create regular Facebook and Instagram posts, and schedule them once Abi had approved the work.

Meanwhile, another Get Ahead social media expert, Angela, would check activity and interactions regularly on the Wow World Group’s accounts.

Both Eleanor and Angela’s work and performance is managed by Get Ahead regional director Sarah, taking pressure off Abi and freeing her up to focus on other important areas.

Sarah’s management does not mean that Abi is completely cut off from the process. Abi still has regular contact with the virtual experts, particularly Eleanor, as Abi needs to brief her and approve the content Eleanor has created.


The working relationship between Wow World Group and Get Ahead is going from strength to strength. Abi recently asked Get Ahead for support with Wow World Group’s branding book – an essential tool for franchisees to help them with their marketing. Virtual assistant Fliss provided a fresh perspective on the branding book and helped Abi to achieve the right tone.

Eleanor is about to go on maternity leave but is creating and scheduling posts to cover the entire period she will be away. And because Angela will be continuing with her “reactive” social media role, there will still be someone available to troubleshoot and tweak the content if necessary.

Angela’s daily check-ins amount to just a few hours every month. This makes great business sense – we all know how easy it is to get distracted and spend more hours on social media than we need to! Now Abi doesn’t have to look at social media platforms at all on busy days, but she can still feel confident that comments are receiving replies and any issues can quickly be resolved.

Abi is delighted with the outcomes. Having the social media posts scheduled ahead of time frees her up to focus on other areas of marketing. Abi finds working remotely with virtual experts very liberating and is also pleased that she can give honest feedback to the social media managers. Ultimately, this means the work is done as she would like without compromise on either standards or professionalism.

The partnership between Wow World Group and Get Ahead has been a great success, providing a flexible option as well as great online communication

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