Deborah Ogden

Deborah Ogden

Deborah Ogden – your personal branding expert


Deborah Ogden is a personal branding and impact expert based in West Yorkshire. She works with business owners and team members, empowering them and improving their performance and authenticity. Deborah has also established an online members-only offering for her clients, called the Impact Club. Members can access weekly calls and receive regular updates, information and masterclasses to help them develop their personal brand and achieve more. Deborah started working with Get Ahead after a recommendation from a mutual connection.


Deborah is very busy. She has many strings to her bow: meetings with individual clients, interviewing industry experts, recording podcasts, delivering workshops, public speaking and more. Working alone, she was not managing her diary and time effectively and often she was over-committing herself, leaving her feeling overwhelmed. In addition, Deborah had had a bad experience with outsourcing in the past. This meant that while she needed some back-office support, gaining her trust posed extra challenges.

“I can’t recommend Fiona Ibbetson and her team at Get Ahead VA Leeds highly enough! I had a tricky project that was making me crazy and creating loads of stress, so knew I needed to get help. Fiona and her team solved the issue on time and on budget, responding with a solution that was better than I expected. The communication was always quick, professional, friendly and ever so helpful. With so much varied talent on her team, I’m sure Fiona can help with most any admin, tech, marketing, or other business support need you have.”

Deborah Ogden, Personal Brand


Regional Director Fiona Ibbetson decided that the best way to rekindle Deborah’s trust in outsourcing was to take it slowly. While there were many ways Get Ahead could support Deborah, Fiona and Deborah both felt that the process should start with some basic diary management. Virtual assistant Mel set up a default diary so Deborah could feel confident time was allocated to each month’s regular tasks.

With Deborah’s time management under control, she was able to relax and give focus to growing her business . With the advantages of outsourcing established, Deborah went on to outsource CRM management and automate her email marketing, podcast management and communications. Get Ahead also supports her with social media structuring and the setting up of project management software. Altogether, Deborah works with three different virtual experts from Get Ahead.


Deborah now has more flexibility because her administration is under control. Her huge bank of content is now rolling out on social media in a coherent, informative way that gives real value to her followers. The podcasts tie into Deborah’s overall strategy and feed into other areas of her marketing. Best of all, she is no longer fire-fighting; instead, she can choose where to direct her energy. This helps her give a great service to her clients and take her business in the direction she wants it to go.

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