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Who are Crest Coaching?

Crest Coaching & HR are an independent Surrey business. They provide expert HR services, personalised executive coaching and career coaching services for SME’s. They are passionate about helping companies create engaged and successful teams. In addition, they offer group leadership coaching for managers as well as group change management sessions. 


Crest Coaching’s lead coach, Desiree, had outsourced to us before, and we had created some branded e-books for her on the topics of burnout and resilience. However, lockdown heightened these issues, so additional marketing was needed to bring her expertise to new audiences. She was also launching a new programme called Winning Teams so it seemed a good time to re-evaluate some of her marketing materials and content.

With these goals in mind, Desiree wanted to expand upon the e-books but also ensure her followers used the existing content. She also wanted to improve her general visibility on her marketing channels and re-assess her content strategy, to reach more people who might connect with her work. 


We worked with Desiree to provide guidance on a social media strategy, and a content plan for her to deliver herself over the summer months. We gathered information through a client questionnaire and online consultation.

Our marketing experts evaluated both the content and resources already available and made a clear, section-by-section strategy. This meant that Desiree always knows what to post, the ways she can post it and how she can boost this with an interaction plan too.

The new content plan brought about some other changes for Crest Coaching and HR. Once she started to use the new plan, Desiree was able to see further content marketing opportunities. She decided to invest in some designed templates on Canva which she could edit with fresh content whilst still maintaining her brand.  She created a new e-book for a specific event and outsourced the design element to Get Ahead. Desiree also wanted to develop her email marketing, including automating newsletter sign-up and creating a template for future newsletter content. The assistant working on this set up a account to make it easier to direct people to all the valuable content Crest HR has to offer. 

The process – working together to achieve Crest HR’s goals

When Desiree originally approached Get Ahead, she was looking for some help with visibility on social media. However, Joanne, the Regional Director for Surrey, felt Desiree’s business deserved a more strategic approach, and guided her to services that were going to be of most value to her ongoing. This included solving some niggling automation set-up issues and introducing some new tools that will make her marketing processes flow more easily now and in the future. 

The Regional Director put together the portfolio of services required, which included design, strategy and planning, marketing automation and technical VA services, delivered by three separate VAs. 

On this project the Regional Director took the client’s requests and produced a comprehensive brief for the team.  That meant we could offer a co-ordinated response, while the client received all the benefits of a single point of contact. Each VA slotted into their role in the project quickly and efficiently, ultimately saving the client time and money.


We love it when a client comes back to utilise our services again and even better when we can quickly spot several things we can implement quickly and efficiently into their business.  After working with virtual experts from Get Ahead, Desiree can now organise her ongoing email marketing without having to worry about automation.  She has a stock of beautifully designed templates and resources which can be utilised in many different ways. Desiree also has a robust social media content plan and strategy that will be useful way beyond the initial few months it covered.  

 Our work for Crest Coaching and HR is a great example of how Get Ahead can combine services all under one roof to make it easier for the client and give them great value of money. The whole project came to less than £550 but it will benefit Desiree and her business far into the future.

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