Why is good web design important?

Good web design is important because your business website is an online reflection of your business. To be effective, its design, content and functionality all need to work well and look professional.

Let’s take a closer look at our top five reasons why good web design is important.

Why is good web design important?

Good web design is important for lots of reasons. Here are our top five:

  1. Practicality

Form follows function. Even the most gorgeous website has got to work properly to help you attract and retain customers. People visiting it are likely to be your clients, customers – the people who spend their money with you and help your business grow. This means that your website needs to help them do that. Your contact page needs to work. If you sell through your website, choose quality ecommerce software to make it easy for buyers. Videos should run smoothly, calendar links for booking inquiries should be clear and instinctive. A good web designer will also consider SEO to increase your website’s chances on search engines.

  1. Communicating your message

A good website communicates what your business does and why it’s different from the competition. A bad website might share confused, inconsistent messages that sow doubt in users’ minds. But with good web design, you can talk to your customers in their language, creating a world they identify with and encouraging them to convert.

You can use your website to communicate your message by creating fresh, unique content like blogs and videos. The main pages should be on-brand and customer-focused. Keep the end-user in mind and the rest should follow easily.

  1. Building trust in your brand

Good web design is also an important way of building trust in your brand. A well-designed website that looks professional and functions well will help show your customers that you are a serious business who can deliver what they need. Building a base of customers and clients who trust your business is an important step towards becoming a market leader.

  1. Increasing your reach

A website with good design is worth sharing. If your existing customers choose to share pages from your website on social media, good design helps. They won’t want to share a basic-looking page that doesn’t include a link preview. Instead, they’ll share great design that shows their own followers what a good choice they made.

  1. Converting customers

Ultimately, through communication, building trust and increasing your reach, your well-designed website will convert customers. Good design reflects both your business and your community, helping you to connect with your ideal customer – the ones who will buy from you time and again.

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