Why is email marketing effective for businesses?

Email marketing is a valuable tool for any business, large or small. Studies show it’s one of the top ways of driving conversions, as well as being a great means of building your brand. Let’s take a closer look at why email marketing is so effective for businesses…

  1. Email marketing drives conversions

A recent study by ecommerce solution provider Barilliance showed that email marketing is one of the most effective ways of driving conversions. Organic searches (people putting your product or service into Google) are the most effective way, followed by pay-per-click searches. Email marketing comes in third, with nearly 20% of people who open the email converting to paying customers.

  1. GDPR and positive permission

GDPR has been a bit of a headache but one of the good things to come from it is that businesses are no longer allowed to buy mailing lists or add people to them without their permission. While this means that some businesses’ mailing lists have reduced in size, it also means that everyone on them has asked to be contacted. In turn, this means that the only people on your mailing list are likely prospects or existing clients. Cold leads and the scattergun approach are things of the past, and we have all ended up with email relationships that are worth nurturing.

  1. “Listeners” build brands

Maybe not everyone is opening your email, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have sent it. The fact that someone can see it in their inbox, labelled with your company name and something about your product and service, is already doing your brand a lot of good. Some people don’t interact with you, but they can hear you. These people won’t convert instantly, but they might in time.

  1. Email marketing is versatile

You can do a lot with an email. You can communicate news and information. You can send links to blogs and articles. You can conduct surveys or host competitions. This versatility enables you to connect with different types of prospect. Some will read your tip of the month, others will jump on your special offers. There is no reason why every email you send has to follow the same format – as long as you are on-brand, your emails will look authentic and let readers know they’re from a company they know and trust.

  1. Email marketing is good value

If you keep your content marketing up to date, it’s easy to repurpose it for an email campaign. Maybe there’s been a buzz on social media about a service you offer – email your contacts about it, and include soundbites from existing clients. You could do a blog roundup, for example, sharing either diverse content from the past month or links to articles on a particular theme. None of these ideas require any new content – all you need to do is repurpose what you already have.

Outsource your email marketing

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