What tasks can a small business outsource?

Sometimes, we have a job on our to-do list that we don’t like doing, or don’t have time to do. Some of those jobs are commonly outsourced – for example, many of us use an accountant and/or an app like Xero to keep on top of our invoicing. But what about cold calling? Or email management? Or social media?

In this blog, we look at the usual (and unusual) tasks that our clients outsource. Have a read – you might spot an opportunity to work smarter!

You can outsource almost anything

The fact is that you can outsource almost anything. Recently, clients have come to us asking for privacy policies, help with setting up CRM systems and video editing. Clients have asked for social media support – not just Facebook and Instagram, but our LinkedIn and Pinterest experts have been called in too.

If you read our services pages, you’ll have a good idea of what you can outsource. However, if the task you’re trying to delegate does not appear, we urge you to ask us anyway – we have a lot of expertise on our team and we’re bound to find a virtual expert who has the skills or experience you need.

You don’t have to outsource the whole job

We always recommend that small business owners outsource the tasks they don’t enjoy or that take up too much time. You can also outsource part of a job – for example, you might film your own video in-house and then outsource the editing.

You can outsource small jobs

If you’re procrastinating about a small but essential job, it can quickly become a serious issue. Fortunately, a huge advantage of outsourcing to an agency like Get Ahead is that you can sign up to as little as an hour a week or even an hour a month. If that means that you’re in danger of having an unreconciled business bank account, or your CRM system is turning into a pile of scribbled notes, paying for a few hours on a regular basis makes good business sense.

You can outsource big projects

Sometimes a big project comes along, like creating a new website or writing a tender for a game-changing project. These are also great tasks to outsource. That’s because you probably don’t need to employ a full-time web designer or tender writer on an ongoing basis, and issuing a one-month contract isn’t an efficient use of time or money. Fortunately, virtual experts love jobs like this – they can really get stuck in and do what they love. It is also worth their while to complete the job to the highest possible standard – big projects are valuable portfolio pieces.

Find out more about why outsourcing can lead to a higher standard of work here.

Procrastinating is time consuming, and doing jobs you’re not confident about can cost your business money. If you’ve got tasks on your list that you’re dreading, consider outsourcing them to Get Ahead – get in touch today on 01483 332 220 to find out more.

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