Outsource website design – how to make your website work harder

Outsource website design and benefit from loads of skills, support and expert insights that will make your website work harder.

To get the website performance your business deserves, it’s important to check it accurately reflects your brand. In this blog, we look at how you can make your website work harder by ensuring every page and product is on-brand.

What is a brand?

A brand is the character of your business. What does it look like? What does its voice sound like? Who are its community and how do you talk to them? Is it fierce, strong, gentle, quirky, challenging, supportive, straightforward, creative…or something else?

When you know what your brand is, it’s very important to make it resonate in every area of your marketing. When your branding is consistent, it helps your customers relate to your business, products and services. Consistent branding also means that they feel as much at home and part of your community when they’re on your website as when they’re looking at your Instagram or attending one of your events. These factors are likely to strengthen customer loyalty and increase conversions.

How do I make my brand work on my website?


A good designer or branding expert will always share their work with you in a format that you can use yourself or pass onto other marketing experts.  If your designer has given you a specific colour palette and an inspiring logo, make sure you’re using them on your website. Remember to use exact colours – there are lots of shades, but only one or two accurately reflect your brand.

Check each page of your website, especially if they were made at different times or had input from different people.

Photos, pictures and images

Make sure that all the photos are similar – if your look is black and white, don’t let a colour photo creep in. Think about your target market too and check they’re reflected in the photos. Are they families? If so, check your pictures for gardens, children and pets. Corporate clients? Include images of suits and laptops. Of course, those are generalisations but it’s a good idea to think about who you’re trying to connect with.

Tone of voice

Tone of voice matters too: this is how you talk to your potential customers. Think about how you want to describe your business, and what words will resonate with your target market and get them on your side.

For example, if you offer a very traditional product, consider describing it as “classic” rather than “old-fashioned.” If your business is very cool and up-to-the-minute, use the latest trends in language and metaphor. 

If buying your products would be a practical decision for your customers rather than an emotional one, you don’t necessarily need to describe what you sell as “amazing,” “fantastic” or any other hyperbole. Stick to telling people what it does.

There are lots of adjustments you can make to the language on your website to make sure it is consistent with the rest of your brand. And if writing isn’t your forte, consider outsourcing to a copywriter.

Consistent branding across other media

Now your website is on-brand, it’s time to check it against your other media. That logo that appears on your website – is it also on your business cards? Your social media? Your flyers?

Are the images you share on Facebook and Instagram aligned with the ones you share on your website? Is the language you use online the same as the language on your signage and printed collateral?

Check that a potential customer or client has the same experience of your business, wherever they encounter it.

Make your website work harder

When we align our websites with the rest of our brand, we inspire confidence in our potential customers and drive more conversions. Sometimes, strengthening the branding on a website is just a matter of a few tweaks. If that’s the case, it’s well worth investing a small amount of time and money to have them put right – you should see a fantastic return on your investment.

Outsource website design

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