How does Get Ahead’s telephone answering system work?

As we head into the summer months, many business owners take time off, whether we’re able to go abroad or simply enjoy what the UK has to offer. It’s so important for your health and for your business that you take a proper break – we always come back refreshed and productive and we’re sure you will too! One of the ways we support business owners taking leave is to provide a telephone answering service. In this blog, we look at our popular telephony service and how it can make a difference to your business.

An affordable telephone answering solution

Some days the phone rings off the hook; other days are quieter. It’s impossible to know whether you’ll get a hundred calls today or none at all, or how many you will get tomorrow. This means that some business owners feel uncertain about outsourcing their telephone answering – it’s an unnecessary commitment if all the leads choose to get in touch by email.

That’s why our telephone service is charged by the number of calls we answer on your behalf. You only pay for the service you need, while still offering great communication to your clients and leads.

A flexible answering service

While the answering service is available to business owners going away on holiday, it’s also there to pick up calls while you’re in a meeting, at the school sports day or away from your desk for any other reason. Simply divert your calls as and when you need to and let our telephone answering team do the rest.

An extension of your business

The team answers the phone as if they work for your business. This makes a good impression on callers and will make your business sound professional.

When you get started with Get Ahead’s phone answering service, we’ll ask you to provide certain details about your business so we can advise your callers. Opening times, directions, FAQs – simply pass them on to us and the telephone answering team can relay them to your callers. Sometimes the caller only needs a quick answer – our team might be able to supply it and save you some time. They’ll still let you know someone rang up about it, for your own records.

Interactive and engaging

Many people feel uncomfortable leaving messages on answerphones, but when you use the Get Ahead telephone answering service, calls are always answered by a real person. This is always a better experience for the caller, and great customer service too. Interacting with one of our team means it’s much easier for your caller to share the right information, and details like names and phone numbers can be checked at the time so you don’t lose potential clients.

Telephone answering is one of our most popular services – it offers value for money as well as a great service for you and your callers. To find out more, visit our telephone answering page, or get in touch today on 01483 332 220 – we’d love to hear from you.

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