How does Get Ahead support clients at business expos?

Regular followers of Get Ahead will know that we love an expo, and our regional directors have really enjoyed getting back out to promote the business. But did you know that we also support our clients before, during and after business expos? An expo is a big commitment, but with our help, clients can get more from the event and embrace all the opportunities it gives them.

Here’s how Get Ahead supports businesses at expos.

Before the expo

Promoting the expo before it happens is an important part of raising the event’s profile and increasing visitor numbers. Our social media managers can create posts to promote the event, while our admin assistants can add expo info to your email signatures and website.

If you’re exhibiting at the expo, you’ll need an eye-catching stand. Our graphic designers can design a stunning backdrop to get everyone talking. Meanwhile, our regional directors have an extensive directory of printers, audio-visual experts, couriers and more – all the additional support you might need to make a visit to your stand one to remember.

Exhibiting at an expo is part of your business marketing, and our marketing experts are here to make sure all your messages are aligned. It’s important that what the person on the stand says echoes what your website says, and says the same thing as your wording, branding and logo. If a visitor finds you on Instagram later, will they pick up the same messages you gave them at the expo? Planning an expo is a good time to review your marketing and pull all your messages and profiles into line.  

During the expo

Some of our Get Ahead team members have become part of clients’ teams, and may accompany clients to expos to help cover the stand. If your virtual expert has been working with your team for a while, they may well have enough knowledge to promote your business at the expo. It’s always a good idea to have at least two people covering the stand throughout the day, so everyone can take a break.

Alternatively, if you and your team are all at the expo, our VAs, virtual experts and telephone answering service can help keep the home fires burning. On your return to work, you’ll find accurate phone messages waiting, important emails flagged and daily admin complete.

After the expo

If you’re experienced with expos, you’ll know that they don’t end when you take your stand down! Even after the expo, our virtual experts can offer support. They can craft effective follow-up emails to keep up the momentum of the exhibition. If you gathered data, they can crunch the numbers and help you prioritise your next steps.

It’s always a good idea to review expos, identifying what went well and what you could do better. Our virtual assistants can administrate meetings, whether in person or on Zoom, and collate your learning points so you’ll get even more out of your next expo.

Outsource your expo needs to Get Ahead

We love sharing our expo expertise with our clients. To find out more about how we can help you at your next expo, contact your local regional director.

PS: We have pooled all our expo experience and created an ebook! Download it here.

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