Five reasons why you should write a business book

Last year, Get Ahead founder Rebecca Newenham published her first book, Virtually Yours. It was an incredible learning experience, and having written it, Rebecca is seeing a variety of benefits that she hadn’t anticipated. Writing a business book has advantages for career development, marketing, networking and more. Here’s how Get Ahead benefited from publishing a business book:

  • Focus the mind

Get Ahead has been providing outsourced virtual assistant services for ten years. We know a lot about it! However, when we know a lot about something, it can be difficult to clarify exactly what it is that we do. Fortunately, writing a book forces us to compartmentalise our knowledge and define it by chapter headings. This can help us crystallise our knowledge, not just for the book’s sake but for future marketing messages too.

  • Establish our position

Writing a book establishes you as an expert in your field. Others can benefit from your knowledge by reading your book; equally, they can see that you are sufficiently confident of your knowledge to put it out there in the form of a book. In both of these ways, you improve your standing within your industry, which in turn may open up new business opportunities. We have seen the credibility that publishing a book has given Get Ahead – we firmly believe that books will help other businesses’ reputations too.

  • Grow our network

A book is great business card, and less likely to get lost. People are buying Virtually Yours who we might never have met at a networking event – maybe because of geography, maybe because they don’t feel ready to start networking. Because the book contains Rebecca’s words, readers can get a sense of who she is and may decide they want to work with her. They might well decide, after reading it, that Get Ahead is exactly the organisation they want to outsource to – like a business card, all the contact details are on the book itself so it’s very easy for new clients to get in touch.

  • Seize a marketing opportunity

We all learn and take in information in our own way. There are people who will read a book who would never read a blog – by making a book available as well as our website, we can connect with a new group of people.

  • Improve our SEO

The book is also boosting our SEO. Many selling websites rank more highly than those of independent businesses, so by including our keywords in the book description on other websites, we increase our chances of Google showing Get Ahead to potential clients.

We’ve seen some great benefits from the publication of Virtually Yours, and these are benefits that any business owner will see when they write their own business book.

Outsource your copywriting, editing and graphic design

The Get Ahead team includes experienced copywriters, editors and proof-readers who can help you fine tune your book before publication. Our graphic designers can create an eye-catching cover and illustrations, while our admin assistants can free you up so you can give your attention to your book. To find out more about how Get Ahead can help your business, get in touch today on 01483 332 220.

PS – order your copy of Virtually Yours here!

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