8 things a Virtual Assistant could organise for your business

Whether you are running your own business or working in one, it can easily feel as though there are never enough hours in the day.  The ‘to-do’ list only seems to get longer.  You dream of having waving a magic wand to clear your desk and get things sorted.

What you might need is a top organiser to help you get things on track.  A virtual assistant can do just that – taking on administration, social media management and marketing tasks to enable you to get back what you do best. Our virtual PA services could be the magic wand you’re looking for!

What can a virtual assistant do for your business? Here are our top tasks to outsource:

  1. A Product launch – If you are investing in launching a new product then you need to make sure people know about it.  This could take the form of a physical launch event where you need to find the right venue that fits your brand and meets the needs of your audience.  It could be an online event or a marketing campaign.  A virtual assistant can support you in all aspects of the launch to ensure that your hard work in product development turns into a sales success.
  2. Christmas do – The big day is just six months away and it is never too early to get started with organising your Christmas event.  Brief a virtual assistant with your objectives, budget, numbers and location preferences and they will research options and provide recommendations to meet your needs.
  3. Meeting venues – Sometimes getting offsite for a meeting can be hugely beneficial.  Taking staff away from their desks can allow them more head space to address business issues and brainstorm solutions.  If you work from home, you may need to find a suitable venue to get your remote team together, or to meet with suppliers.  A virtual assistant can take your brief, find the right space and negotiate rates on your behalf, as well as arranging any travel or additional activities required.
  4. Your business cards into a database – If you are out and about networking or at events you may be picking up lots of business cards.  But do you actually ever do anything with them or simply stick them in a drawer?  A virtual assistant can enter them all into a database for you to that you can start actively using the information, as well as enter them into your Outlook contacts or follow them on social media on your behalf.
  5. Your expenses into a file for your accountant – Ignoring that pile of receipts until the last minute?  A virtual assistant could organise these into date order, all ready for your accountant and entered onto an appropriate spreadsheet with the correct categories if needed.
  6. Travel – Attending a conference or meeting away from your office?  A virtual assistant can research the best travel options for you including flights, trains and car hire or transfers as well as book suitable accommodation and make restaurant suggestions to maximise your trip.
  7. A supplier review – Some basic business costs like insurance, electricity or even office space can really affect your bottom line – but they are the last thing you get round to reviewing.  A virtual assistant can effectively research the market to find the best deals so that as much of the revenue you bring in goes into your profits.
  8. A recruitment day/interviews – Looking to expand your business by adding new staff?  Recruitment can be a time-consuming task.  A virtual assistant can organise an entire recruitment campaign for you from designing recruitment adverts to screening CVs, arranging interviews and collating feedback.

Asking a virtual assistant to start organising activities such as these on your behalf might be just the right next step for your business.  At Get Ahead VA we love to take on the tasks you don’t have time to do, don’t have the skills to do, or simply don’t want to do.

What can a virtual assistant do for your business?

Our virtual assistants have decades of experience working across many different industries and their expertise might be more affordable than you think.  Please get in touch on 01483 332220 or email us at office@getaheadva.com to find out more about our nationwide virtual assistant service.  We pride ourselves on being the staff you don’t see, but the difference you do.

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