Happy third birthday, Get Ahead Leeds!

While Get Ahead greatly increased its number of franchises during 2020, some of our regional directors have been up and running for some time now. One of these is the outstanding Fiona Ibbetson who has been running Get Ahead Leeds since January 2018.


Top tips for time management

Many of us will have made new year’s resolutions. Whether or not yours was to manage your time better, good time management will enable us to take more exercise, eat more healthily, be less stressed and generally achieve whatever we resolved to do!

Good time management also helps productivity – you can do more in a well-planned hour than you can in a chaotic afternoon. Good time management can even keep you motivated, and support a good work/life balance. Above all, it’s important in these trying times, with more of us working from home and juggling work and family.

Here are our top tips:


Opening a franchise: a new opportunity for 2021

Get Ahead is proud to operate as a franchise, meaning that we have branches around the country, each run by an independent, entrepreneurial Regional Director, all under the umbrella of the Get Ahead brand. 

If you’re considering trying something new in 2021, perhaps the Get Ahead franchise opportunity will be right for you – it gives you flexibility and control over your working life, and the satisfaction of providing administrative and marketing support to businesses in your local area. In fact, there are several key reasons why next year could be the perfect time to get started! 


January checklist for small businesses

2021 could well be an interesting year. As well as Brexit and its as-yet-undiscovered implications, many business owners have learned a lot from the coronavirus pandemic, like the importance of being flexible and embracing change. Others may have started up on their own after being furloughed and this will be their first January as business owners. However you’re approaching 2021, it’s important to set up your business goals and working ethos right at the beginning of the year, to keep you on track and resilient.

Here are four points that are on our January checklist – we hope they’re on yours too!


Online networking – our top tips

Thanks to the pandemic, we are all using Zoom and online meeting platforms far more than we used to. There are many applications for online meetings that we’d never thought of until this year, and holding networking events online is one of them. While many of us prefer real-life networking, we have also seen the advantages of online networking – not having to travel makes networking more cost-effective, and we are also able to attend events that are outside our usual patch. You never know – even when the working world returns to normal, we might carry on networking online.


5 ways a VA can help out during the Christmas period

A virtual assistant (VA) can be useful for a small business at any time of year, but especially so over Christmas, when things get busy and people start taking time off for the holidays. Get Ahead VA’s franchisees know how much their VAs are needed during the festive season, and they offer a wide range of services to help out local businesses at this time. Here are 5 key ways that hiring a VA can make a difference to your business this Christmas. 


Landing pages and automated newsletters – how a VA can help

Our West Yorkshire franchise has recently had a number of requests for support with landing pages and newsletter automation. Landing pages are great for increasing conversions, and newsletters are a great communication tool. Best of all, once your automation is set up, it’s easy for you, your team or your virtual assistant to run email marketing campaigns without having to start from scratch each time.

In this blog, we look more at landing pages and automated newsletters, and how virtual assistants can help you.


Should your B2B business run a Black Friday promotion?

This year, 27th November will be Black Friday, one of the biggest days for sales and shopping in the pre-Christmas calendar. For many businesses, this is one of the most important days of the year, and that may be especially true this year due to the economic slump caused by the global pandemic. 

But for service-based and B2B businesses, the question of whether to run a promotion for Black Friday is a tricky one. Can you run an effective campaign if you don’t sell physical products? What might a B2B business offer instead? If you’re pondering these questions right now, let us inspire you with a few ideas about how to run a Black Friday promotion for a B2B business. 


What is a digital marketing strategy and why do you need one?

By Marie Peters, Regional Director for West Surrey

2020 has seen an increase in time spent on line by all age groups, with UK adults now spending over 4 hours a day online.

People are spending more time on social networks to connect with others as well as catch up on the news, whilst newspaper print sales plunged during lockdown. Consumers and businesses alike are always online and you need to be able to reach them there.