What to look for when you’re choosing a franchise – a supportive team

What to look for when you’re choosing a franchise – a supportive team

If you’ve decided to buy a franchise instead of running your own business, this might be because you’d like to be part of a team. One of Get Ahead’s great strengths is our team of regional directors, who in turn are supported by a UK-wide team of virtual experts.

In this blog, we take a look at what teamwork means at Get Ahead and how it benefits our franchisees.

Who are the regional directors and how are they a team?

At time of writing, we have eight regional directors in the UK and one in Australia. Each regional director owns a franchise in a specific geographical area. This means that there is no competition for clients, but there are lots of opportunities for teamwork and support. 

The franchisees’ backgrounds are the same but different – they are all on career paths and have come from either the corporate world or other franchises. You might have noticed that they are all women, but that is just coincidence – we would love to welcome men into our team as well.

Being real people, they all have different strengths and weaknesses. They approach Get Ahead work differently depending on their personalities, and also the business climate in their local area.

There is variety in our team, but there is also common ground and a shared aim: to achieve business success through outsourcing.

The franchisees aren’t competing for clients; instead, they are sharing their knowledge, attitudes and personal experience with each other. All these factors come together to create a super-supportive team.

Meet our franchisee regional directors here.

Client work delivered by a team of virtual experts

The Get Ahead business model depends on our 50-strong team of virtual experts to deliver client work. When a client approaches a franchisee with an outsourcing request, the franchisee then contacts a team member with the right skills and experience to produce the work.

Tapping into this large selection of different strengths means Get Ahead can always deliver the highest quality of work. But it also means our franchisees don’t have to work alone – regular contact with the virtual expert team members means you avoid loneliness even though you’ll be working from home. You’ll also build up great working relationships with them, and continue the team management element of your career.

Meet our virtual expert team here.

Join our team

If Get Ahead is on your shortlist of franchise opportunities, we’d love to hear from you. What we offer is not for everyone, but it might be a great fit for you. Why not book in a call with Rebecca Newenham for an informal chat, or explore our site to learn more about what we offer.

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