As It Should Be – digital marketing support for a B Corp


As It Should Be is a Bristol-based business that supports organisations in making their digital  products and services more sustainable and accessible. It was founded by Jon Gibbins and became a certified B Corp in 2022. Jon had been keen to gain B Corp status – it was the right fit  for him, and the only framework in which he could build a business that aligned with his values.


Jon had initially been running As It Should Be alongside his own consultancy work. However, when he decided to make the move to focus solely on his business, he recognised that he would need solid support, tailored to his needs.

Now he is a full-time business owner, Jon finds that his workload is either a famine or a feast in these early days of growth! He needed any support to be flexible – this would enable him to manage his budget and decide how best to prioritise the time he pays for. 

He also needed his support to dovetail into his own variable workload. When Jon is working on a project, he needs support to keep up with social media, nurturing leads and admin tasks. And when he has the capacity to do those regular tasks himself to build direct relationships with his clients, he needs support with preparing reports and other ongoing responsibilities.

B Corp status comes with certain important responsibilities and impact initiatives like pledging a percentage of profits to environmental and social causes, and submitting annual reports on the impact of the business’ practices. Jon needed help to keep the business running while he gathers and collates information for these reports.


Jon approached Get Ahead in July 2022 and described his specific needs. After listening to his story and gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to be a B Corp, we introduced him to Dee. Dee is a virtual assistant and social media manager with a wide and varied background. Jon and Dee clicked immediately. Jon was delighted that Dee quickly grasped the concept of his business, including its purpose and drive for positive environmental and social impact.

Dee’s role includes social media, marketing and email management. She has also created and refined business development processes, increasing leads and driving conversions.

Supporting As It Should Be’s B Corp status, she manages their membership to 1% for the Planet, an ethical organisation that ensures that 1% of  member company’s profits are donated responsibly. She also manages the carbon reporting, keeping records of energy and water use, so As It Should Be can monitor and reduce  its energy and water consumption .

Because of the flexibility we offer, Jon has the freedom to adjust the amount of work he gives Dee each month, depending on his own workload and turnover.


Dee’s support has alleviated the pressure Jon was under, increasing his own capacity so he can focus his attention wherever it is needed. This includes retaining As It Should Be’s B Corp status and having time to develop the annual impact report all B Corps are required to submit.

Dee’s support has really helped Jon grow the As It Should Be brand. On LinkedIn, follower numbers are growing at a rate well above industry benchmarks. Online and offline, As It Should Be is getting attention for the right reasons. It’s been named as one of the top ten Bristol green techs to follow in 2024, and one of the top ten most sustainable digital agencies to work with in 2024. And during the 2023 B Corp month, it was one of the Bristol B Corps chosen to have its logo projected onto the side of the Tobacco Factory arts centre.

We are thrilled to be supporting a growing brand at such an exciting time in its development.

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