Evolve Counselling – digital marketing for an established brand

Evolved Counselling – digital marketing for an established brand

Evolve Counselling is a therapy practice based in Leeds, run by Nicola Hepinstall and her business partner Eleni Michael. In addition to offering therapy themselves, they also let rooms to other practitioners. 


Evolve Counselling has grown since its inception in 2015. Nicola and Eleni took on a new premises in 2022, with more opportunities for letting rooms and broadening the therapeutic and naturopathic services they offer. 

Unfortunately, the old marketing, particularly the website, did not reflect these new opportunities. The website was excellent at promoting the therapy services, but did not have the capacity to promote the rooms available for hire or make it easy for practitioners to book them. Evolve Counselling was ranking on search engines for keywords like “therapists,” but not for “room bookings.” 

In addition to changing the information on the website, it also needed bringing up to date in its appearance, while still staying on-brand. 

The business was not using social media to promote the therapy or the room hire. This was because Nicola and Eleni felt overwhelmed by it – the pressure to post consistently, find time to create posts and choose the best platforms meant that they weren’t posting at all. 


We introduced Nicola and Eleni to our web designer, Jenny. Jenny did an audit of the old website to assess its effectiveness and identify areas for improvement. Then she put together a proposal to rebuild the site. She chose the website-building platform WordPress so it would be easy for Nicola and Eleni to amend information on the website themselves. 

Working within the existing brand guidelines, Jenny updated the website. From the brand colours, she chose the lighter ones to create a bright, optimistic look for the therapy website. She also installed an online booking system to streamline the room-booking process. 

It was difficult to audit Evolve Counselling’s social media because there wasn’t any data to draw on – it needed to be restarted. After some initial work from one of our dedicated social media experts, we decided to hand social media over to Jenny. Jenny had established a strong relationship with Nicola and Eleni through her work on the website, and they felt that allowing Jenny to build on her existing knowledge would produce the most effective social media content. Our regional director managed the change in personnel – another strand to our support for Evolve Counselling.  


Nicola and Eleni are delighted with the work Jenny has done on their website and social media. Knowing that their digital marketing is in safe hands means they can get on with providing therapy to their own clients and running the business. SEO is a long game but we anticipate the new site will rank for the additional room-booking keywords as well as for therapy searches.

What the client says…

“Jenny has been great and taken everything we have asked for on board – no task has been too much for her. We have really appreciated all of her hard work with designing and creating the new website and alongside this, her support in helping us understand the many aspects of the website and booking system.”

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