VA agencies – your direct route to efficiency

No business could be a bigger fan of outsourcing than GetAheadVA. The regional directors and I practice what we preach, outsourcing our own business tasks within the team, freeing us up to connect with clients, do our own virtual assistant work and still have time to go for a run. If you’ve called us and we’re not there, you’ll have encountered our efficient phone answering service, and all those gorgeous infographics you’ve seen on LinkedIn were created by our own graphic design experts.

There are a number of excellent VAs who operate alone, but we firmly believe that VA agencies offer a more efficient, flexible service. In this blog, we look at why outsourcing to an agency makes sense for your business.

One point of contact

When you work with an agency like GetAheadVA, you only need one point of contact. If you have a project coming up, like creating a new website, you only have to make one phone call and the local director can do the rest. They’ll find you your web designer, graphic designer, copywriter, digital marketing specialist and anyone else you need, and present you with a ready-made team to take your online presence to the next level. At the start of your working with us, you’ll receive just one contract, and you’ll also receive just one invoice each month – how’s that for efficiency?

A team you can trust

Nearly all the VAs have worked with us before. We can vouch for their experience and expertise. And we only take on the best VAs – not only do we believe in producing high quality work but we have our reputation to think of too! What this means for you is that when you ask us to deliver a project or undertake ongoing work, you’ll be tapping into a wealth of knowledge and experience and the work will be completed to the highest standard.

The agency that likes to say Yes!

There are about forty VAs in our team. They’re located around the country, but thanks to the wonders of the internet, it doesn’t matter if your VA doesn’t live in the same area as you. Most skills are held by more than one team member, so there’ll always be someone available who can deliver what you need and you shouldn’t have long to wait.

A bespoke blend of skills

A real efficiency clients see when they outsource to an agency is cost. You might have the budget to take on another member of staff in-house, but you might need skills that simply don’t exist in one person. For example, you’re unlikely to find a spreadsheet whizz with a good head for figures who also has the creative flair to produce stunning marketing material. By using an agency, you are free to define your ideal skill set, however unlikely, and then let us spread it among several VAs. You’ll be able to stay in budget and benefit from a high standard of work.

An established relationship

Many of our clients usually use our services for one type of work, but occasionally need someone with different skills – they know they can come to us! For example, we were providing data-entry to a long-standing client who runs a logistics company, but when the company wanted to expand, we were able to provide expertise in project bids, recruitment, job advertising and employee training. As you look to the future, you’ll know your established relationship with a VA agency can help your business grow when the time is right.

Your core business deserves your full attention, but everything else can be outsourced! By using virtual assistants from an agency, you can access a wide range of skills and pick and choose the services you need. Wherever you are on your business journey, our VAs can help you work smarter. Contact us today on 01483 332 220 to find out more.

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