Promote the expo before you exhibit – three ideas to increase visitor numbers

When you’re building up to exhibiting at an expo, it’s easy to spend all your time planning your stand and designing a rock-solid lead generation form.  But promoting the expo in advance of the big day is important too, and plays a key part in increasing visitor numbers and helping you get the results you’re hoping for.

Why is it important to promote the expo in advance?

Obviously, it’s important for the organisers to promote the expo – they need to attract exhibitors and get visitors to sign up. However, it’s also important for the exhibitors to promote their presence at the expo.

Exhibitors should promote the expo to encourage their own network to attend. This could increase overall visitor numbers – something that supports every exhibitor and the organisers too. The more people who talk about the event, the greater the buzz. And the greater the buzz, the more people want to engage with the expo and have a good day out. Practicalities matter too – let visitors know what to expect to help them get the most out of the event.

Promoting the expo is a good way to share the important details like times, dates and how to sign up. You can also promote seminars and workshops, which can sometimes have as strong an appeal as the exhibition side of the event.

It’s good social media content too! Many businesses struggle to keep up with regular social media posting, but an upcoming expo makes a great series of posts. You can tag the organisers, other exhibitors and people you hope will visit. There are lots of opportunities for interaction when you post about the expo online.

How can I promote an expo before I attend?

  1. Social media

Use your social media accounts to talk about the event in the run-up. Tell people the name of the event and which stand you’ll be on so they can find you. Share links to the event website, and tag other people you know are exhibiting.

Photos and videos of you and your team preparing for the expo make great posts too. They’re authentic and human, and they also work as teasers for the event itself.

  1. Add it to your email signature

Edit your email signature to include information about the expo, and include a link so they can sign up as visitors. It will also save you typing it separately into your email – if it comes up in the thread, you can simply write, “details in the signature,” instead of getting distracted looking for links.

  1. Add the expo to your “contact us” page

Many people would love to meet you before they decide to use your product or service. Add the details of upcoming expos you’re attending to your contact page to give potential clients the option of a more personal interaction. Just remember to update the page again after the expo!

Outsource your social media

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