Name: Sarah Catherine Jones 


Area of expertise:  Copywriting and Proofreading 


When & why did you join Get Ahead:  I joined Get Ahead at the beginning of 2024. As I enjoy working with a broad range of clients (I feel this helps me improve my writing and expand my knowledge) I wanted to come on board as a VA so I can work alongside ambitious businesses that really want to move the needle with their copy and content. 


What did you do before you joined Get Ahead:  I’ve worked as a freelance copywriter, proofreader and consultant for three years now. Before that, I worked in roles in digital marketing, social media and copywriting, so I’ve definitely perfected my skills over the years. 


 Career highlight to date: Last year I completed a website project for a VERY famous business school, which was a definite ‘pinch me’ moment. I can’t disclose too many details though – I’m still tied to an NDA! 


 Plans for the future:  I want to continue to support brands and businesses with their copywriting needs,  and work alongside local councils to help both adults and children improve their writing skills.