Name:  Piera

Area of expertise:   
Business administration; content writing; social media support 

When & why did you join Get Ahead:
I Joined Feb 2023. I saw a webinar by Rebecca Newenham via Flexible Working People FB group about the Get Ahead franchise – managing a team of VAs is my long-term plan.  I liked the whole idea of Get Ahead and after checking out their website and talking with Rebecca, I knew it was a team I would like to work with. 

What did you do before you joined Get Ahead:
I ran an equestrian livery business for fifteen years.  Prior to that, my career has been in administration, with a variety of job titles and in a variety of industries.   

Career highlight to date:
After four editions, the Post Office – Chairman’s office bought the rights to the newsletter I produced as an employee of a small contracted IT company. 

Plans for the future:
Year 1:   Build a client list of sufficient number to keep me very busy and earning a very good income. Niching into content writing. 

Year 2:   Build/manage a team of VAs 

Year 3+: Travel with the business