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Get Ahead South Yorkshire was opened in January 2020. Since then we have built a strong network of connections throughout South Yorkshire and Worksop. I have a strong ethos to help other businesses to grow. I partnered with BforB to develop networking events throughout South Yorkshire and also Worksop. We also participate in several other networking events run by others, such as the Rotherham and Barnsley Chamber, and also East Midlands Chamber. As well as several independent networking events.

When we aren’t networking in the community, we have some great clients we currently work with.

We have a number of telephone answering clients who use us for a different range of tasks, some for just taking messages, others to issue quotes to ensure the contacts made by customer to our clients, are confirmed sales. This saves them so much time.

We also work with a writer. One thing she loves about the service is that she feels like she has a full team behind her. Whatever she needs we have a skilled and qualified VA who can resolve her issue. Just a few examples, we turned her contacts list into a subscribe list, we have helped market her books and also helped with her bookkeeping. She is delighted she made the first steps which were just in basic admin, as it gave her the confidence to outsource more of her work, enabling her to just be creative.

Opening South Yorkshire has also enabled us to offer HR as a service. I have over 15 years experience in Recruitment and HR. This has enabled current clients to outsource their HR and ensure they are fully set up ready for their business growing.

Working with the Get Ahead team is so easy. I can be assured that each client I match with a VA will have a great experience. I know that whatever I am asked for by a client, I can send out to the team and at least one of them will have experience of using it. I am completely blown away by the standard of work completed by the team and so are my clients. They are also always surprised at how much they value they receive.

So if you need help please call 01302 288380 or email me [email protected] to arrange a call.

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